Dear Parents and Guardians:
I am writing to provide you with an update on the threatened school shooting that was discovered last night and which we have been working with police on overnight and throughout the day today.

Last night, one of our students received a call that threatened a shooting at our school today. This morning, police investigators identified a phone number from which they believe the call was made. Through a series of interviews today, police identified the person who made the call. That person is a ninth-grader at our school who said the call was made as a prank.

I cannot emphasize enough how seriously our school, our school system, and police take these matters.

Significant manpower was deployed throughout the night and today not only to investigate this matter, but to help ensure that our students and staff were safe in our school today.

These types of incidents are simply no laughing matter. In addition to charges forthcoming from police, we have taken appropriate disciplinary action with regard to the student involved.
I want to reassure you that both we and police believe that this puts an end to this case. We believe our campus to be safe, and we will continue normal activities this afternoon and evening.
I also want to applaud our parents, students, and staff for the way they have gone about the school day today.

While I realize such an incident brings about fear and anxiety, I also know that we are a resilient community that rises to the occasion time after time.

Finally, I urge you to please talk to your child about this and other matters involving school safety. We all want the same thing every day: a focus on instruction uninterrupted by unnecessary distractions. It is most unfortunate that our day today was interrupted by this incident. Please encourage your child to report any suspicious activity immediately and to refrain from any activity that threatens the safety of anyone, whether it is intended as a joke or not.

Please contact our school if you have any questions or concerns.

James Todd