WASHINGTON, DC – Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today after the Department of Labor released their jobs report for February:

“Today’s announcement of 287,000 new private sector jobs created in February shows our shared sustained economic resilience over the last nine years, due in large part to the policies of President Obama. The current Administration’s embrace of supply side tax cuts, uncertainty, and new debt threatens to undo many of the shared gains we’ve made, and instead deliver the benefits of economic growth disproportionately to the wealthiest few. This President inherited one of the strongest economies in a generation, with potential to build on our recovery and complete the work of rebuilding the middle class. However, President Trump and Congressional Republicans began working immediately to tip the scales away from the middle class.

“Republicans in Congress have spent the past year passing tax cuts for the wealthy, taking health care access away from millions of Americans, repealing workplace and environmental protections that keep workers and their families safe, and doing nothing to raise wages or make childcare more affordable. This Administration and Republican Congress have made clear who they work for, and it’s not middle-class workers and their families.

“Democrats will continue to put American workers and their families first, which is why I’ve been traveling around the country with my colleagues to listen and learn about what communities need from Congress to help grow local economies. Our Make It In America Listening Tour will continue over the next several months as Democrats assemble a new economic agenda that builds on our recovery, not reverses it – one that rewards entrepreneurship, matches workers’ skills with the kind of work employers need done, and builds the infrastructure on which private sector growth relies. We will continue to stand up for the principle that everyone who works hard ought to be able to make it in America.”