A Comprehensive Approach
On Tuesday, March 13, all four bills that comprise the School Safety package were introduced on the Senate floor, and represents the most comprehensive approach to school safety in the Nation.

This 4-bill legislative package (I sponsored one bill and got 2 Democrats and the Republican Minority Leader to sponsor the others so it’s clearly bi-partisan), was sent to the Rules Committee for assignment between the standing committees in the Senate – the hearings for these bills will be scheduled forthwith.
The package is designed to break the chain of events in four places, addressing causal factors in major events like Texas, Florida and Connecticut. Each bill has several components, so if parts are removed that factor is still covered; if an entire bill fails, we still break the chain in 3 other places.
I am hopeful my colleagues here in Annapolis will join this bi-partisan effort. The Senatewill work within the committees on these bills and make them work better. When these bills return to the floor of the Senate and the floor of the House they hopefully will get the full support of the Maryland General Assembly.
To read these bills, please click each of the following titles:

Semper Fi,
Senator Steve Waugh
Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties