Professor of Spanish Joanne Bartow, recently had a scholarly article published, titled “Herencias del terror de estado y del consenso: hijas perversas en ‘Árbol genealógico’ de Andrea Jeftanovic y ‘Pájaros en la boca’ de Samanta Schweblin,” in the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies(Liverpool, 2018)

In English the title is: “Inheritances of State Terrorism and Consensus: Perverse Daughters in ‘Árbol genealógico’ by Andrea Jeftanovic and ‘Pájaros en la boca’ by Samanta Schweblin.”

The article examines how two short stories by a new generation of authors reframe and discuss the post-dictatorship society in Argentina and Chile. The daughters portrayed in these texts exhibit perturbing behavior that can be read as an expression of the repressed inheritances of military state violence and the official policies of impunity in subsequent civil governments. The stories ultimately broaden the responsibility for memory work from the citizens directly affected to society as a whole.

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