Maryland residents can realize huge savings by cashing in on easy energy programs that increase energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy. The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) promotes affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for all Marylanders. MEA offers clean energy grant and loan programs for all sectors of Maryland’s economy: Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Transportation.


Maryland’s first in the nation Energy Storage Tax Credit Program is designed to encourage the deployment of energy storage systems in the residential and commercial markets. A full listing of grant amounts and applications can be found onlinehere.


The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) rebate strives to expand Maryland’s growing electric vehicle recharging infrastructure. This program is open to residents, governments and businesses purchasing or installing EVSE systems. To read more about this program. clickhere.


Maryland’s Residential Clean Energy Grant Program increases the amount of renewable energy for the State. Grants support solar photovoltaics (PV), solar water heating (SWH), new geothermal heating and cooling (GHC) systems, and wind. For more information, clickhere.

The Clean Burning Wood and Pellet Stove Grant Program helps as Maryland homeowners invest in renewable energy, MEA approved, clean burning wood and pellet stoves displace electric, non-natural gas fossil fuel heating systems or old woodstoves. To read more about the grant, clickhere.

MEA offers a wide variety of incentives that help residents save money and energy on everything from home heating to electric vehicle charging equipment. Read about some of our programs forresidents,businesses,nonprofits, andlocal government agencies.