On March 20th, 2018, the Anne Arundel County Police Department’s Animal Control Section received information from an individual representing several dog owners who lived out of the area, but who had delivered dogs to “Olympian Kennels” for the purposes of receiving dog training services.  Some of the dog owners became concerned about the welfare of their animals when they could not reach the kennel’s owners, Rebecca Wolfe or Cameron Whitaker-Nelson, by telephone.  Additionally, there was information that Rebecca Wolfe had posted a message on social media that Animal Control had taken all the animals in her care and custody, which Animal Control had not.

Based on the investigation, an Animal Control Officer applied for a Statement of Charges against Rebecca Wolfe and Cameron Whitaker-Nelson.  The District Court Commissioner issued Criminal Summonses, charging both Rebecca Wolfe and Cameron Whitaker-Nelson with forty (40) counts each of animal cruelty.  Five (5) counts relating to each of eight (8) dogs determined to be in their care (two of the eight dogs had been recovered by the owner’s representative on March 19th, 2018).

Charges related to each of the eight (8) dogs:

* Failure to provide nutritious food in sufficient quantity

* Failure to provide proper air

* Failure to provide proper space

* Failure to provide necessary veterinary care

* Failure to provide necessary sustenance

During the investigation, it was learned that Rebecca Wolfe has been promoting herself as “Olympian Kennels” online and through social media.  At this time, neither Rebecca Wolfe nor Cameron Whitaker-Nelson has an Anne Arundel County license to operate as a dog fancier, commercial kennel or pet care business.  Anne Arundel County Animal Control is working with other county agencies regarding any zoning or business permit violations.

The investigation into Rebecca Wolfe’s and Cameron Whitaker-Nelson’s activities relating to the training and care of dogs is continuing and additional charges could result.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control Officer Wolfe at 410-222-3929 (no relation to suspect Rebecca Wolfe).


As part of the continuing investigation, Animal Control Officers obtained additional information about another dog that was allegedly neglected by Rebecca Wolf and her father James Wolfe.  Through investigation, Animal Control Officers developed probable cause to charge Rebecca Wolfe with additional charges related to this case. Officers also charged her father, James Wolfe with related animal cruelty charges.  The Officer applied for charges through the court commissioner’s office and the court issued a criminal summons for both Rebecca and James Wolfe.  On April 6, 2018, officers located and served Rebecca and James Wolf their criminal summonses charging them with the following:

* Failure to provide nutritious food in sufficient quantity

* Failure to provide proper drink

* Failure to provide proper space

* Failure to provide necessary veterinary care

* Unlawfully cause, procure, or authorize the unnecessary infliction of pain


1)      Rebecca M. Wolfe

DOB: 08/01/85

7 Brown Shade Drive

Glen Burnie, Maryland

2)      James Randolph Wolfe

DOB: 03/05/57

915 Rose Anne Road

Glen Burnie, Maryland

This investigation is on-going.  Anyone with information about this case should contact Animal Control Officer Wolfe at 410-222-3929.