SB 1265- Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018
Immediately following the school shooting in Florida I rallied a bi-partisan Senate group to work on a legislative package for school safety. The tragedy at Great Mills High School made it personal for thousands in St. Mary’s and urgent for the State. Together, we developed a series of bills that became the foundation of SB1265, the Maryland Safe to Learn Act 2018. This is only a first step, but I brought people together in bi-partisan effort to ensure that school safety is a top priority.

$40 million was mandated this year to fund the most aggressive school safety measure in the United States, and more will come next year. All aspects of school safety are being looked at and addressed. I will provide more details on the plan in the coming weeks – rest assured that Maryland is leading the Nation in school safety.


In November I spearheaded the first ever Maryland Veterans Summit. Representatives from 50 Veterans organizations identified the top Veterans issues. This allowed legislators to introduce bills that would make a real difference. I am thrilled that as a result more than 27 important Veterans bills passed and will be signed into law by

Governor Hogan later this month.

The epidemic of suicides emerged as the #1 Veteran priority, and the entire Senate approved SB911, Veterans Suicide Prevention Plan, but sadly the House of Delegates refused to even vote it.

Tax Cuts

I supported Governor Hogan’s budget. We cut taxes through an increased standard deduction and an expanded earned income tax credit. We didn’t completely ‘ hold Maryland harmless’ from the Federal tax changes, but I’ll take a tax cut in any form I can get.

This is our FOURTH balanced budget.


The merger between the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center ( SMHEC) and the University System of Maryland ( USM) was nearly derailed when a budget recommendation was made to the Budget and Taxation Committee cancelling the new autonomy research center ( 3rd building) based on inaccurate data. With a massive, last second effort I was able to convince the Senate President to allow both to proceed, though delayed a year while USM refines its plans to increase enrollment here.

Working hard in a bi-partisan way is how I solve problems.

Supporting Governor Hogan

I argued forcefully against SB1783, and the Governor vetoed it, because it takes school construction oversight out of his hands.

The governor also vetoed SB 639, which made it more difficult for Maryland schools to remove teachers who have been recommended for termination by school superintendents for misconduct by creating an unnecessary and bureaucratic arbitration process before any action can be taken.

I supported the Governor’s VETO, as I have 13 times.

Constitutional Rights

2018 saw another round of bills that attack our 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS. I am proud to stand up against these bills and remain committed to protecting the rights of legal gun owners. The “Bump Stock Ban” seizes property lawfully obtained years ago, without compensation, and will have no effect on violence. The “Red Flag” bill allows “any interested person” to petition the seizure of firearms from the homes of any person. This bill infringes on the rights of lawful gun owners, and sets a very dangerous 4th Amendment precedent.

Right to Life
I introduced legislation this session to define a fetus at 24 weeks as “viable” because the science is unequivocal. PROTECTING LIFE will always remain a priority for me. I fought against funding abortion with your tax dollars every chance I had.

Senator Waugh to Speak at St. Mary’s College
I will be discussing the upcoming Midterm elections with Political Strategist Steve McMahon on Wednesday, April 18th at 6 pm. The discussion will take place at St. Mary’s College of Maryland in the Auerbach Auditorium, located in St. Mary’s Hall. Following the discussion, a reception will be held starting at 7:15 pm at the James P. Muldoon River Center. If you are interested in attending either, please RSVP to

Want to Get Involved?
The 2018 Midterm Election season is upon us. If you are interested in getting involved or sending a donation towards my re-election campaign please visit my website- or reach out by e-mail-– help keep a Marine and bulldog in Annapolis fighting for you!

Being part of the Maryland General Assembly as your State Senator is a distinct honor and privilege. I am passionate about representing the wonderful people of St. Mary’s and Calvert counties. Our communities are stronger when we all work together and the need for cohesiveness through compromise has never been stronger.

Semper Fi,

Senator Steve Waugh
Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties