Amie Dryer, social studies teacher at Calvert High, is one of eighteen middle and high school educators whohave been selected to participate inMemorializing the Fallen: Honoring those Who Served—a professional development program based on a partnership between National History Day, the National Cemetery Administration (NCA), and the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC). During this nine-month program, teachers learn about those who served during World War I and the Korean War and their experiences as veterans after the war.

Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, said, “We look forward to hearing what Ms. Dryer has to share with others that might enhance our history instruction.”

Image courtesy of the Calvert County Public Schools

Throughout the program, teachers attend virtual lectures, engage in scholarship on the conflict, and participate in discussions. Because immersive experiences create richer teaching materials, the group will walk in the footsteps of history as they travel to one of 18 national veterans’ cemeteries, as well as some sites associated with the period in which their Veteran served. This advanced professional development for teachers pays for travel to locations as well as curriculum development materials.

All of these activities support the development of the final products the teachers create: a lesson activity connected to a local cemetery, a fallen hero profile, and a veteran profile. Teachers will research the life of a fallen hero, an American who died during the conflict and is buried or memorialized at a national, state or tribal veteran’s cemetery or an American military cemetery overseas.

At the same time, the teachers are developing a lesson activity connecting one element of WWI or the Korean War with a local national, state, or tribal veteran’s cemetery. Activities are designed for use by school or community groups who visit the cemetery. Materials will be created using sources from the NCA, ABMC, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the local community.

The goal for the Memorializing the Fallen program is to invigorate the teaching and learning of WWI and the Korean War in classrooms as we mark the centennial of WWI and the 65thanniversary of the Korean War. The resources will be made available for free at NCA’s Veterans Legacy Program website in November 2018.