A self-employed Lanham landscaper made the Maryland LotteryRacetraxrecord book last week when hisSuperfectabet delivered the second-largest prize in the game’s history in Maryland. While his favorite game delivered, the avid player credits his $224,529 prize toKeno.

The Prince George’s County man found Lottery luck waiting at Seabrook BP. “I had a set of numbers that I wanted to play when I walked in,” he said. “The first thing I saw, though, was theirKenomonitor with the numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11 on it. They just spoke to me.”

He placed aSuperfectabet on that set ofRacetraxnumbers for 10 games, hoping his horses would cross the finish line in that exact order – 8, 9, 10 and 11. The loyal player then drove off to a client’s property to work. When he finished the job, the landscaper checked theRacetraxgame results on hisMaryland Lottery app.

“When I saw those four numbers, my heart started pounding. I pulled out my tickets to make sure that I’d really played them. I had!” With that confirmation, his excitement grew too big for the inside of his vehicle. “I jumped out of the truck and shouted ‘Halleluia!’ ”

The happy player said his prize arrived at a great time. “I’ve had some setbacks recently, work and otherwise. This win really is a blessing. I’ll be able to set some things straight and put money back into my business, get some new equipment I’ve needed,” he said. “I’ve had this feeling for a while now, that a Lottery win was coming my way. Ask my friends Mr. T and Mr. Steve, they’ll tell you!” With his confidence rewarded and his bank account expanded, the owner of the second biggest win in Maryland’sRacetraxhistory is setting a new course. “I’m off to a fresh start.”

The top prize ever won, $361,842, came Dec. 10, 2015 on a Washington, D.C. player’sSuperfectabet. The“Superfecta Superstar”bought his lucky ticket at Wawa #562 in Upper Marlboro.

Also celebrating our landscaper’s big win is the Lottery retailer. Located at 9501 Lanham Severn Road in Seabrook, the retailer earns a $2,245 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winningRacetraxticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.