On July 30, 2018 Deputy Freeland responded to Mackall Rd St. Leonard, for a burglary in progress.  Upon his arrival, he observed two individuals next to a vehicle.  As Deputy Freeland approached the residence, he noticed the doorframe to be broken and wooden splinters laying on the ground.  The victim stated that Antoine Brooks (29) had kicked in the front door of the residence.  Mr. Brooks was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and charged with Malicious Destruction of Property.

Antoine Brooks

On Augst 1, 2018 Dfc. S. Rediker responded to the Calvert County Detention Center for a drug violation.  A Correctional Deputy advised Dfc. Rediker that narcotics were found on an inmate’s person.  Jack Poore (58) is charged with CDS: Possession – Crack Cocaine, Possess contraband in a place of confinement.

Jack Poore

On August 1, 2018, Dfc. G. Gott conducted a traffic stop in the area of Rt. 231 and Mason Rd. Prince Frederick.  Dfc. Gott identified the driver as Catherine Marshall (56). Ms. Marshall was issued the appropriate paperwork for her traffic violation.  Dfc. Gott asked if she had anything illegal on her or in her vehicle.  Ms. Marshall indicated that she did not and told Dfc. Gott he could search both her person and her vehicle.  During the search, Dfc. Gott located a purse, which contained a white prescription bottle.  In the pill bottle, Dfc. Gott located numerous different types of pills in the container.  Ms. Marshall was placed under arrest and transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and charged with CDS Possession – Clonazepam, and CDS Possession – Alprazolam.

Catherine Marshall

On August 3, 2018, Deputy N. Buckler observed Sara Spells (25) in the North Beach area and knew of a possible active warrant. Deputy Buckler stopped Ms. Spells and detained her pending confirmation of the warrant.  Once the warrant was confirmed Ms. Spells was asked if she had any drugs on her and she replied yes.  Deputy Buckler located the CDS inside of her purse.  Deputy Buckler transported Ms. Spells to the Calvert County Detention Center and charged her with CDS possession – Not Marijuana (Heroin), and possession of paraphernalia.

Sara Spells

On August 3, 2018, Deputy R. Shrawder was dispatched to the area of Weis markets – Lusby for a male running into traffic.  Cpl. Morgan arrived on the scene and located the subject matching the description given.  William Boyer (32) was identified by his driver’s license.  Cpl. Morgan detained the subject due to a sharp blade protruding from his pocket.   Two pairs of scissors and a pocketknife were located in Mr. Boyer’s pocket.  Upon removing Mr. Boyer’s ID from his wallet, CDS was discovered as well as additional CDS and a smoking device in another pocket of his pants.  Calvert Communications advised Mr. Boyer had active warrants from out of state as well.  Mr. Boyer was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and charged with CDS Possession- Not Marijuana (Suboxone), CDS Possession – Not Marijuana (Zubsolv) and possession of paraphernalia.  

William Boyer

On August 3, 2018 Deputy N. Buckler initiated a traffic stop at Chesapeake Ave/3rd Street for a vehicle operating with no tail lights.  Deputy Buckler made contact with the driver and the front seat passenger.  The front seat passenger Michael Blackmon (36)had a possible warrant through VA.  Calvert Communications confirmed the warrant was active.  Deputy Buckler searched Mr. Blackmon and located a fan remote in Mr. Blackmon’s pants pocket that contained pills.  Mr. Blackmon was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and charged with CDS Possession – Not Marijuana (Oxycodone).

Michael Blackmon

On August 3, 2018, Dfc. O’Donnell responded to St. Leonard Rd. St. Leonard for a reported Robbery.  Dfc. O’Donnell learned that this incident occurred a short time ago on Prince Frederick Blvd. Prince Frederick.  The victim stated he was walking with other people on a path through the woods when William Grisso (19) started to assault him.  The victim then stated that Mr. Grisso asked for the victim’s cigarettes.  The victim did not have cigarettes, which led Mr. Grisso to asking for the victim’s wallet.  Mr. Grisso threw the wallet back at the victim and assaulted him again.  Dfc. Gott and Dfc. Cress then made contact with Mr. Grisso at his residence.  Mr. Grisso was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center and Charged with Attempt to Rob and Assault 2nddegree.

On August 5, 2018, Dfc. Boerum and other deputies responded to Mutual Elementary School, Port Republic for a reported suspicious vehicle and suspicious persons.  Deputy Shrawder arrived on the scene and witnessed two males run around the back of the school, towards the wood line.  Corporal Morgan and Dfc. Holt attempted to locate the subjects.  A short time later, the deputies witnessed two males walking around the rear of the school and enter the vehicle.  Dfc. Boerum approached the vehicle and yelled commands to stop.  The vehicle accelerated and left the parking lot.  Corporal Morgan conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The driver was identified as Nicholas Alderson (19).  Mr. Alderson was placed into custody, taken to the Calvert County Detention Center, and charged with Burglary 4th degree and traffic charges.

Nicholas Alderson