Press Release, Town of Chesapeake Beach

Comprehensive Plan Survey –Take part in Planning the Town of Chesapeake Beach bycompleting this survey.Responses will be used by the Planning and Zoning Commission in drafting the Town’s updated Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan Update: Chesapeake Beach 2040 –The 2040 Vision Statement is written from a perspective of 20 years in the future, expressing what the ChesapeakeBeach community will have achieved since adopting its new plan in 2019.To view a printable copy of the Statement,click here.

Corps of Engineers Adds Dredging Projects –Fishing Creek In Revised Work Plan.U.S. Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen (Both D-Md.) today applauded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) FY2019 Work Plan, which directs the investment of more than $10 million in additional federal funding for critical navigation and ecosystem restoration projects in Maryland. The annual Army Corps Work Plan defines where project money can be spent across the country, above and beyond the itemized funding in the FY2019 appropriations bills.The Fishing Creek dredging project in Chesapeake Beach, originally allocated only $10,000 in the FY2019 budget, will receive $1.36 million under the Work Plan. To view or print the entire announcement,click here.

NOTICE:The Town of Chesapeake Beach will receive sealed bids for the Boardwalk Replacement and Concrete Retaining Wall Removaluntil 10:00 am prevailing time on January 2, 2019. A mandatory pre-bid meeting at 2:00 pm on December 21, 2018 at the Site location- 7429 B Street Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732. Bid packets are available via eMarylandMarketplace OPEN MARKET BID # MDTCB31042183 or by contacting Holly Wahl, Town Administrator viaemail (410) 257-2230.

The Chesapeake Beach Water Park is now taking sign-ups for Orientations for all Positions for the 2019 Summer Season.All interviews for all positions will be conducted at these Job Specific Orientations on the dates listed on our website. We hire starting at age 14 for Customer Service Specialists (CSSs), and Runners in the Food and Beverage Department. Grillers working in our Beachcomber Grille must be 15 years old. To sign up as a lifeguard you must be 15 year of age by May 25, 2019. Cashier’s must be 17 years of age. To sign up for the Orientation for the position of your choice visit ourwebsite. Working at the Chesapeake Beach Water park is a wonderful way to spend your summer!

Let’s talk trash!“The Town of Chesapeake Beach Code requires that all trash storage receptacles shall be made of durable material and shall be watertight with tight fitting covers to control odor and prevent animal access. No garbage, trash or debris shall be placed out for collection except in proper receptacles.” Due to the excessive rains this summer, the trash company has been finding trash cans full of water along with being full of trash. This causes the cans to be so heavy that they can’t physically be picked up. The company has begun a no tolerance policy and will not collect the trash if the can is full of water. You must properly cover your containers to avoid this and to ensure pick up. Also, please do not use the Town provided recycle bins for regular trash; that will also prevent your trash from being collected. We appreciate your attention and help with these matters as we strive to keep Chesapeake Beach beautiful.

B Street Slope Assessment and the Beach Boardwalk Closure – The Global Stability Analysis report for the B Street Slope has been completed. To view the report,click here. Construction drawings and bid plans to address a failing retaining wall along the slope are being prepared. A scope of work is also being prepared to address the boardwalk repairs.

Utility Tree TrimmingBGE contractors will be performing vegetation management on overhead distribution lines in the Town during 2019. BGE will communicate with residents using tools such as door hangers, one-on-one conversations, etc. To view the tree trimming schedule,click here.

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