News Release, Maryland Department of The Environment

Grants and loans will reduce pollution and energy consumption, improve drinking water system

BALTIMORE, MD (March 6, 2019) – The Maryland Board of Public Works approved more than $5 million in grants and loans today to reduce pollution, save energy and improve a drinking water system. The board is composed of Governor Larry Hogan, Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp and Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“These are smart investments to protect public health and the environment while saving money and energy in Maryland communities,” said Maryland Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles. “Upgrading the Gas House Pike sewage treatment plant, extending public water to the Bedford Road area of Allegany County and reducing energy use at the Ironshire pumping station will help us to green and grow the state’s economy and lead in the race to protect and restore Chesapeake Bay watersheds.”


The following projects were approved today:

Gas House Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant Enhanced Nutrient Removal Upgrade project – Frederick County

Funding of $4,460,384 to the City of Frederick will help fund upgrades at the Gas House Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new funding is composed of a Bay Restoration Fund grant increase of $1,720,816 to a previous $16 million grant, a $2,054,676 Water Quality State Revolving Loan Fund loan and a $684,892 grant in the form of forgiveness of a Water Quality State Revolving Loan Fund loan. The project entails the design and construction of Biological Nutrient Removal refinements and an Enhanced Nutrient Removal upgrade at the wastewater treatment plant. After the upgrade, the facility will reduce its nitrogen discharge by 62.5 percent and its phosphorus discharge by 85 percent, significantly reducing the amount of nutrients to the Chesapeake Bay. Excessive amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus lead to lowered levels of oxygen needed to support aquatic life in waterways, including the Chesapeake Bay. Enhanced Nutrient Removal upgrades of wastewater treatment plants are a critical component of Maryland’s Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan.

Bedford Road Area Water Extension Phase I project – Allegany County

Funding of $615,000 – a $307,500 Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund loan and a grant in the form of forgiveness of a $307,500 Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund loan – to Allegany County will fund the design and construction of water distribution lines and other components of an extension of public water service to the Bedford Road area. Homes in that area are now serviced by antiquated distribution lines that have several leaks. The new system will reduce water loss and damage to roads caused by leaks and will provide safe and reliable water for drinking and fire protection.

Ironshire Pump Station Energy Reduction project – Worcester County

A $58,262 Energy Water Infrastructure Program grant to the Town of Snow Hill will help fund the replacement of aged well pumps in the Ironshire sewage pumping station. The installation of energy efficient pumps and a monitoring system to help identify decreases in pump efficiency will save energy.

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