Calvert County Public Schools via Facebook

From Principal Brock Fulton: Ms. Cynthia Barr-McCrae is an Instructional Assistant at Huntingtown Elementary, and we are so pleased to honor her tonight. She has a passion for working with students, especially students with special needs.

Ms. McCrae is student centered and is extremely caring, friendly, and patient. Each morning, she greets every student she sees with high-fives or hugs. Ms. McCrae is really tall, but she has no problem working with students at their level or getting up and down from those really small primary chairs.

Ms. McCrae is very active at school and in the community. She is always helping others, and she especially enjoys shooting hoops with kids. Ms. Cynthia is always the MVP at our staff vs. student basketball game each year! Ms. McCrae is a true example of a life-long learner.

In December, she completed her course work for Applied Behavior Analysis and is looking to apply her learning to help those who need assistance. Congratulations!

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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