News Release, Charles County Public Schools

Pamela Jones has been teaching adult education classes at the Charles County Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) for the past four and a half years. She works with a variety of students in areas such as math, language arts, science and social studies. Jones’ goal is to see each of her students receive a high school diploma.

Jones’ colleagues see her hard work and commitment to LLC students daily. They refer to her as someone who will work tirelessly with a person to achieve their goals, and her students think she is outstanding. Ardene Moses refers to “Ms. Pam” as amazing. “She is a phenomenal teacher. We love Ms. Pam,” Moses said.

For her commitment to others and helping adults achieve success, Jones was recently named the 2019 Maryland Association for Adult, Community and Continuing Education (MAACCE) Teacher of the Year.

Jones said she was unaware she was nominated for a recognition. She said it was during a staff meeting that LLC Director Mike Meiser announced her award news. “It is very humbling. This award honors what adult education teachers do, and all of those who make the Lifelong Learning Center a success,” Jones said.

Jones joined the LLC staff after relocating from Virginia to Maryland. Prior to working in the classroom capacity, Jones worked for 14 years at Averett University helping to train faculty. “I worked with faculty to train teachers to teach,” she said. She also completed her doctorate program in public policy and public administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, so Jones is familiar with the commitment it takes to be a working student.

Jones was nominated for the award by Meiser and other LLC staff. Meiser wrote a letter of support for Jones’ nomination. In his letter, Meiser refers to Jones as a teacher who consistently looks for ways to help others succeed. “Pam is always looking for ways to improve her instruction to help improve student’s learning. Pam finds a way to get her students to care and pass the test. She is emotionally invested in her students, and they want to do well for her,” Meiser wrote in the nomination letter.

Jones said her job is rewarding in that she enjoys helping others plan their future.

“The most rewarding thing I do is help my students see their potential… to see the possibilities and that they are endless. My job here is very rewarding,” Jones said.

Pamela Jones, an adult education teacher at the Charles County Lifelong Learning Center, center, was named the 2019 Maryland Association for Adult, Community and Continuing Education (MAACCE) Teacher of the Year. Jones has been working with adults at the Lifelong Learning Center for the past four and a half years. She is currently working with about 14 students who are working toward their diploma. Also pictured with Jones are LLC students Ardene Moses, left, and Hassan Kamara, right.

Jones is currently working with 14 students preparing to complete the high school diploma program. She also serves as a tutor in the evening with the National External Diploma Program and is an official test proctor.

The most exciting part of the program for Jones is the annual adult education graduation ceremony. She said she always becomes emotional when she sees her students walk across the stage to receive their diploma. “When you see these students walk across the stage … and see the joy and pride on their faces and the faces of their families, it most certainly makes you cry,” Jones said.

Jones was honored as the MAACCE Maryland Teacher of the Year in an awards ceremony held May 9.

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