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CLINTON, MD— MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center(MSMHC)’s Cancer Care staff has grown by one oncologist, Dr. Stephen “Eric” Rubenstein.

In his previous position, Dr. Rubenstein cultivated a growing cancer treatment program from a collection of physicians into a thriving comprehensive cancer treatment center that expanded access to clinical trials and state-of-the-art care. He has joined Medstar with the same goal of expanding access to tertiary services, multidisciplinary care, clinical trials, and supportive care by integrating service lines to improve both the patient experience and clinical outcomes.

At MSMHC, physicians involved in cancer treatment also serve on MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center’s Cancer Committee. This body meets regularly to consult on cases, discuss best practices, and foster more seamless relationships between those involved in cancer care.

“I hope to serve as a connector between all disciplines involved in cancer treatment, from the patient to radiation and surgical oncologists, specialists and primary care doctors, nursing, social workers and family support,” said Dr. Rubenstein. “It’s our goal to serve everyone, working in an integrated fashion.”

Dr. Rubenstein’s philosophy when it comes to cancer care is to tailor care to the individual patient’s needs while collaborating with all care providers, and taking an approach that involves cooperation between everyone involved in a patient’s treatment. Doing so, he believes, results in a better patient experience.

“It’s in our best interest to create a comprehensive cancer care network for our community, to expand access to state-of-the-art care,” said Dr. Rubenstein. “The key is to let patients stay near home, in their community, not have to struggle to get to a reputable cancer center. We know there are physical limitations associated with a cancer diagnosis and the ideal place to heal is at home under the careful watch of family, friends and community.”

Prior to joining MSMHC, Dr. Rubenstein served as Medical Director of Oncology Research with the Franciscan Physician Network in Indiana. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, a master’s degree from Georgetown University, and attended medical school at Tel Aviv University in Ramat Aviv, Israel. His residency and fellowship took place at Albert Einstein and SUNY Downstate, and Dr. Rubenstein did research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Dr. Rubenstein’s office is located in the Professional Building connected to MSMHC. For an appointment, please call 301-877-5800.

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