Indian Head man’s $20,080 prize is a second win in five weeks using the same lucky numbers

News Release, Maryland Lottery

A Charles County man’s luckyKenonumbers hit again last week, earning the 53-year-old his second major win in weeks. The Indian Head resident played the same series of lucky birth dates and matched several numbers, including eight on a single game, for a $20,080 prize.

The federal government worker found his fortune at his favorite Lottery spot, Lee’s Market in Indian Head. He selected numbers from family birth dates and placed a 10-draw, 8-spot wager with theSuper Bonusmultiplier feature. TheKenofan had time to buy a cool drink and enjoy some idle conversation before he saw, out of the corner of his eye, familiar numbers starting to appear on theKenomonitor.

“I turned around and began to see those same numbers one after the other until all eight had appeared. I was shocked and surprised,” said the winner.

Also surprising, after a few more lucky draws, was the fact that his lucky numbers combined with theSuper Bonusfeature boosted his total winnings to an impressive $20,080!

Winning is familiar territory for the lucky man, who also hit big with the same numbers just a few weeks ago. He scored a $1,500 prize that day. The lucky player told Lottery officials he is close to crossing the mortgage finish line and plans to use some of his latest prize to pay the mortgage off even faster!

Also enjoying a share of his Lottery luck is the retailer. For selling a winningKenoticket of $10,000 or more, Lee’s Market at 4310 Hawthorne Road in Charles County earns a $200.80 bonus from the Lottery.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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