Commissioner Eric Colvin, St. Mary’s County via Facebook

Leonardtown, MD- After the approval of the consent agenda and minutes, we began the meeting with a follow on discussion from last week with the Maryland Stadium Authority and Jodi Stanalonis—we approved the funding for the study they proposed to determine the economic viability of a sports complex and an indoor fieldhouse at a cost of $52,000.

We then approved a public hearing for the Comprehensive Water and Sewer Plan for the Hollywood Square Commercial Development Project. The hearing will be on Tuesday, August 20th at 9 am.

We also approved a public hearing for the Lexington Park Development District Zoning Maps and Zoning Ordinance Amendments, including the Airport Environs Overlay Zone Subdistricts. That hearing will be on August 27th at 6 pm.

The first item of business during County Administrator time was a presentation and discussion on Attracting and Retaining Young Professionals to St. Mary’s County by the Department of Economic Development and Dawn Carroll of MAGA Design, a consulting firm. Next, we heard a brief on the Staffing Analysis Study for the Department of Emergency Services that was funded through a grant from the State Numbers Board. After that, we approved an LGIT Training Grant for the Sheriff’s Office for $5,000 and a Budget Amendment to increase the funding by $400 (only $4,600 was originally expected for the grant). This grant will assist with the costs of Lexipol Policy Management Software and Subscription Services.

We also approved the FY2020 Edward J Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Application from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control for the Sheriff’s Office in the amount of $44,800. This funding, once awarded, will be used to purchase PredPol Predictive Policing Software Subscription for two years; there is no county match required.

The next item of business was approval of the Department of Emergency Services plan for the Emergency Number Systems Board 9-1-1 funding of $750,000—this funding comes from surcharges we all pay on our cell phone bills and the money will be used to provide important upgrades and infrastructure for our emergency services systems.

We then approved an MOU from the Department of Natural Resources with the Department of Recreation and Parks for Sanitary Contract Services in the amount of $12,300—DNR covers the cost of portable toilets at various public wharfs and the Blessing of the Fleet.

We approved a grant application from the Department of Public Works to the Department of Natural Resources for $118,150 to cover the county share of the US Army Corps of Engineers study of the St. Jerome’s Creek Jetty project. We approved an MOU between the Southern Maryland Resource Conservation and Development Board and the Department of Public Works for the construction of the North County Farmer’s Market. Our meeting concluded with a quarterly brief on the St. Mary’s County Regional Airport.

At 11:15 we proceeded outside for our Aviation Day event, which included a proclamation and a drone demonstration. At 1:00 pm we will hold a public hearing for the disposition of the Bethune Educational Center.

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