News Release, Calvert County Governemnt

Paul has worked for Calvert County Government in his current position at the North East Community Center since May 2018. As a recreation coordinator, he brainstorms ideas for new programs that can be held at the community centers. Some of the ideas come from life experiences, such as going to concerts and seeing spectacular lights and special effects.

This was the inspiration behind the Northeast Community Center’s wildly successful glow-in-the-dark basketball program. Other ideas come from thinking of new ways to use materials already on hand. For example, one of Northeast Community Center’s most popular programs-the obstacle course-came about after coming up with a new purpose for excess gymnastics equipment.

In addition to program preparation, Paul also supervises instructors, volunteers, and other staff that work at the community centers, and schools in Parks & Recreation’s northern district.

The facilities in the county’s northern district average 12,000 visitors per month and have also become popular venues for birthdays, baby showers and other special events. “We hit the whole circle of life,” he said. “It’s just great to see people celebrating things together.”

Paul obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Purdue University. Prior to working as a recreation coordinator, Paul worked at Parks & Recreation as a recreation assistant coordinator and a sports assistant coordinator. Thank you, Paul, for all that you do for Calvert County and the Town of Chesapeake Beach!

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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