By: David M. Higgins II

Prince Frederick, MD- George Stephen Howard Watts, 68, of Crownsville, MD was charged on August 2, 2019, in a case stemming from allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.

The juvenile female victim reported the alleged crimes to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office on July 30, 2019. In the statement of charges, she says the incident happened at her residence on July 23, 2019, in Prince Frederick, MD.

The family sought a Protective Order after the charges were filed. A Child Services Forensic Investigator interviewed the victim and told them of previous encounters.

Watts has been charged with:

  • Sex Abuse of a Minor;
  • Third-Degree Sex Offense;
  • Forth-Degree Sex Offense;
  • Second-Degree Assault;
  • Visual surveillance in a private area with prurient intent and
  •  Peeping Tom

At the time of this writing, Watts was on a $15,000 bond status. There is no word if it has been posted.

The case is being prosecuted by Calvert County State’s Attorney Rebecca Cordero.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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