Meet Raven, one of Pets In Need’s favorites and “Dog of the Week”

Raven( 158278) is a 1-year-old Pitbull (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) mix. This friendly girl loves meeting new people! She loves giving kisses to everyone she meets! Raven is looking for a family that she can play with during the day and cuddle with at night.

Her idea of a perfect day would be going on a car ride to the park where she can run and play and then coming home where she can cuddle on the couch with her family.  If you are looking for a sweet and friendly girl to join your family, come meet Raven today!

If anyone can help Raven on a new journey in life please contact either Pets In Need OR Mandy at TCAS 301-932-1713

If you’re interested in meeting Raven or another rescue dog in need please visit the Tri-County Animal Shelter website.

You can visit the shelter Mon – Friday (12 to 5) and Saturday (10 to 3).   The shelter staff is available to assist anyone interested in adopting your next family member.

Tri-County Animal Shelter

  • 6707 Animal Shelter Road
  • Hughesville, Md   20637
  • 301-932-1713

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