Arrest briefs and mugshots are provided courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

11/01/19-  Jason Raymond Davis, age 36 of Lusby– Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by Dep. Manns# 275.  CASE# 62796-19

Jason Raymond Davis

11/01/19-  Justin Antoine Parker, age 30 of Great Mills– Failure to Appear/Trespass-Private Property and Disorderly Conduct by Dep. Chase# 346.  CASE# 62707-19

Justin Antoine Parker

11/01/19- Anita Renee Courtney, age 36 of Leonardtown– Violation of Probation/Driving While Intoxicated by Dep. Hersh# 343.  CASE# 62652-19

Anita Renee Courtney

11/04/19-  John Frederick Vance, age 55 of Lusby– Failure to Appear by Dep. Fenwick# 338.  CASE# 63209-19

John Frederick Vance 

11/04/19-  David Lee Anderson Jr., age 25 of Lexington Park– Violation of Probation by Det. Hulse# 218.  CASE# 63169-19

David Lee Anderson Jr. 

11/04/19-  Jared Nathaniel Lee, age 32 of Washington, D.C.– Violation of Probation-Forgery by Dep. Shelko# 326.  CASE# 63206-19

Jared Nathaniel Lee

11/05/19-  Lekeshia Tanae Barber, age 28 of Prince Frederick– Driving While Suspended by Dep. Fenwick# 338.  CASE# 63380-19 (No Photograph Available)

Criminal Citations:

10/26/19-  Ricky Ray Adkins, age 60 of no fixed address– Trespass-Private Property by Cpl. Snyder# 225.  CASE# 61498-19

Ricky Ray Adkins

10/31/19-  Charles Stanley Carpenter Jr., age 33 of Piney Point– Theft by Dep. Westphal# 337.  CASE# 62513-19 (No Photograph Available)

11/04/19- Steven Rene Tharpe Jr., age 29 of Great Mills– Theft by Dep. Lawrence# 279.  CASE# 63190-19

Steven Rene Tharpe Jr. 

11/05/19-  Katie Lynn Barickman, age 38 of no fixed address– Trespass-Private Property by Dep. Henry# 333.  CASE# 63397-19

Katie Lynn Barickman

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