Arrest Briefs and Mugshots are provided courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

11/02/19-  Leonard William Morehead, age 49 of Lexington Park– Home Invasion, Burglary 3rd, and 4th Degree, Assault 1st and 2nd Degree, and Disorderly Conduct by Dep. Burgess# 355.  CASE# 62890-19

Leonard William Morehead

11/03/19-  Knealand Antonio Strain, age 37 of Washington, D.C.– Illegal Possession of Ammunition, CDS: Possession of Firearms, Regulated Firearm-Illegal Possession, Firearm-Possession with Criminal Conviction, Loaded Handgun on Person, Handgun on Person, Loaded Handgun in Vehicle, Handgun in Vehicle, and two counts of Fleeing and Eluding by Dep. Burgess# 355.  CASE# 63001-19

Knealand Antonio Strain

11/04/19-  Sean Michael Vosburgh, age 18 of California– Burglary 1st, 3rd, and 4th Degree, and Theft by Dep. Shelko# 326.  CASE# 62867-19

Sean Michael Vosburgh 

11/05/19-  Francis Stefan Miles, age 57 of Lexington Park- Violate Protective Order by Dep. Rycyzyn# 350.  CASE# 63337-19

Francis Stefan Miles

11/05/19-  Lisa Marie Thompson, age 30 of Hollywood– Escape 2nd Degree by Dep. Fenwick# 338.  CASE# 63407-19

Lisa Marie Thompson

11/06/19-  Charles Edward Summers, age 36 of California– Violation of Probation by Dep. Manns# 275.  CASE# 63669-19

Charles Edward Summers 

11/06/19-  Michael Issiah Harrison, age 33 of Leonardtown– Violation of Probation-Theft and CDS: Possession of Paraphernalia by DFC. Roszell# 296.  CASE# 63583-19

Michael Issiah Harrison

11/06/19-  Harvey Leonard Stewart Jr., age 30 of California– FTA/Person Driving Motor Vehicle on Highway on Suspended License by Cpl. Kerby# 242.  CASE# 63503-19

Harvey Leonard Stewart Jr. 

11/06/19-  Anthony Wayne Wright, age 52 of Virginia– Stalking by DFC. Roszell# 296.  CASE# 63559-19

Anthony Wayne Wright 

11/06/19-  Andre Tayvon Gross, age 25 of Prince Frederick– Assault 1st Degree by DFC. Roszell# 296.  CASE# 63572-19

Andre Tayvon Gross 

11/07/19-  Darren Matthew Bivens, age 32 of Piney Point– Stalking, Electronic Mail-Harassment, Harass: a course of Conduct by DFC. T. Payne# 320.  CASE# 34384-19

Darren Matthew Bivens

11/07/19-  Lisa Marie Trossbach, age 35 of Callaway– Three Counts of Theft and Theft Scheme by Cpl. LeFave# 264. CASE# 50940-19

Lisa Marie Trossbach 

11/08/19-  Eris Melissa Rivers, age 22 of Lexington Park– two counts of Assault 1st Degree by Cpl. Handy# 132.  CASE# 63963-19

Eris Melissa Rivers 

11/09/19-  Megan Elaine Edwards, age 29 of Lexington Park– Driving While Suspended by Dep. Fretwell# 348.  CASE# 64095-19

Megan Elaine Edwards 

11/10/19-  Richard Wayne Summers, age 50 of Lexington Park– FTA/Possess/Issue Forged Currency by Dep. Henry# 333.  CASE# 64288-19

Richard Wayne Summers

11/12/19-  Tyler Allen Messick, age 27 of Mechanicsville– FTA/Assault 2nd Degree by Dep. Luffey# 352.  CASE# 64617-19

Tyler Allen Messick 

11/12/19-  William Andrew Burwell, age 29 of Lexington Park– FTA/Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by Cpl. Kirkner# 133.  CASE# 64615-19

William Andrew Burwell

Criminal Citations:
11/05/19-  Patricia Lynn Taylor, age 55 of Lusby– Theft by Cpl. Connelly# 151.  CASE# 63292-19 (No Photograph Available) 

11/11/19-  Kacey Grace Medeiros, age 27 of St. Inigoes– Theft by Cpl. Seyfried# 217.  CASE# 64495-19

Kacey Grace Medeiros 

11/12/19-  Steveland Morris Penn Stewart, age 30 of Lexington Park– Theft by Dep. Manns# 275.  CASE# 64724-19

Steveland Morris Penn Stewart 

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