Arrest Briefs and Mugshots are courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

12/14/19- Roger Glenn Chin, age 36 of Lusby– Fail to Register/False Information by Cpl. D. Snyder# 89.  CASE# 70535-19

Roger Glenn Chin 

12/15/19- Jonathan Gabriel Davis, age 28 of no fixed address– Failure to Appear/CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Dep. Graves# 354.  CASE# 71790-19

Jonathan Gabriel Davis 

12/15/19- Mark Albert Fenwick Jr., age 27 of Park Hall– Obstructing/Hindering, and Arson/Threat by Dep. Manns# 275.  CASE# 71737-19

Mark Albert Fenwick Jr. 

12/18/19- Alexa Taylor Smith, age 24 of Owings– Theft and Conspiracy to Commit Theft by Cpl. Flerlage# 241.  CASE# 72446-19

Alexa Taylor Smith 

12/18/19- Jamie Lee Clarke, age 25 of no fixed address– Theft by Det. Nauman# 301.  CASE# 71212-19

Jamie Lee Clarke 

Criminal Citation:

12/17/19- Danielle Marie Schonert, age 28 of Mechanicsville– Theft by Cpl. Steinbach# 268.  CASE# 72252-19

Danielle Marie Schonert 

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