By CCVFEMS Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith

Just before dawn this morning our 911 center received a call from a male whose boat capsized in the icy marsh of Allens Fresh Run off Route 234.

Forty volunteer fire and EMS including the Department of Emergency Medical Services paramedics from Cobb Island responded to the scene at 6:17 a.m.

County Fire Chief Kaufmann arrived on the scene, established command and began assigning incoming units to stage while a clear vantage point was established. Boat #6, Air Boat #8 with assistance from SMC Raft Boat #5 launched from the location given by command.

Command made direct contact with the males involved, all were OK including their dog and gained shelter in a nearby duck blind that had a heat source in the 3-foot water line within the marsh.

One subject and his dog was retrieved from the blind by SMC Raft Boat #5, one subject was retrieved by Air Boat #8, and the third male subject had self extricated to land prior to the arrival of our rescue vessels.

All three males and their dogs were evaluated by Ambulance #149 and refused treatment or transport. Units cleared in just over an hour and one half, no fire/EMS injuries reported. Outstanding job by all operating on the scene!!

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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