By: Humans of Calvert County, Sarah Merranko & Anita Santoyo

Calvert County, MD- “This is our salon day for Cosmetology at The Career and Technology Academy. So our seniors which are our level 2 students have the opportunity to make appointments for others, and we’re here all day from 11 to 6:30 and it gives them the feel of how a salon works on an everyday basis, different responsibilities and a chance to practice their skills!

I went through this program 10 years ago. Ms. Weems was my teacher and I’ve always just kept up with the volunteering here.

I’m only two years in but I feel there’s a lot of room to grow and I love having people see the benefits of cosmetology. This wasn’t my original plan. My original plan was to go to college and do hair on the side. Then I fell in love with it and now I’ve just come full circle.

There are different things at The Career and Technology Academy. There’s Cosmetology, Culinary Arts and Food Production, Welding, Automotive, Sysco which is computers, Nursing, Carpentry, and Graphic Arts. We have a lot of different programs here. We have a Fire Program as well. I think it’s a great opportunity for kids who aren’t sure if they want to go to college but want some type of technical background.

Kids can take the bus from their home high school. If their classes and courses are set up right …. different programs require different credits, they can take the bus from their school to here and it’ll be in their schedule. They take their class block here and then they take the bus back to their school.

Working with older children, I think it’s great because we can relate on a lot of different levels because I’ve been through the program, so I know what it takes and the hard work they have to put in for it, so I think it makes us a little more relatable.

I honestly like the relationships that I build. Meeting different people. That was my favorite part of being behind the chair, seeing them, seeing how their lives have changed and gone through different things with them.

I love both. I love hair so much and this industry, so it gave me a way to spread my passion to other people.

I guess my favorite thing about this place is that I’ve come full circle. I started here as a student, I’ve kept up my relationships through here, Ms. Weems was my teacher, and so now that I teach along with her it’s just a very humbling great experience. And it’s fun!”

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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