Bioresonance is often called the medicine of the future. It focuses on body cells to detect illness. Abnormalities on a cellular level are identified even before significant pathological changes are observed. This brings a lot of vital benefits to medical professionals worldwide. Here is an overview of key advantages.

Looks at the Cause — Not the Symptoms

Conventional methods of diagnosis are important, but they often describe the condition, not the cause. We know that the body of a patient with Oedema retains fluid, but this is just a clinical picture — it says nothing about why the symptoms are present. Hypothyroidism only states that thyroid activity is insufficient, etc.

Cutting-edge bioresonance equipment for sale does more than detect illness. It also helps suggest treatment. This method looks at body cells to identify the root cause, and cancel out abnormalities. The approach is based on bio-impedance, bio-magnetic resonance, or the state-frequency wave imprinting test for detection. Within the system, symptoms are relieved by working with the body holistically, as any illness begins in the cells.

Non-Invasive Therapy

A major advantage of bioresonance diagnostics is the absence of negative side effects. This is confirmed by insurance companies. In fact, this complementary therapy is regarded as one of the safest in existence. It allows identifying viruses, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, and sensitivities like mold or chemical toxicity.

A bioresonance device works by detecting frequencies from the patient’s body. For instance, a stressed liver, as well as pathogens affecting it, produce specific frequency patterns originating in the cells. These are picked up via applicators. The latter may be positioned on different body parts or placed in different body fluids (e.g., saliva, blood, urine).

No Costly or Dangerous Drugs

Bioresonance is focused on self-healing. Today, medication is a common cause of death, even when taken as prescribed. Pharmaceutical drugs have side effects, and the effects of their combinations are even less predictable. Generally, drugs often suppress symptoms instead of curing the disease.

Studies on patients in different countries show the effectiveness of bioresonance on its own. The patients either saw improvement without medication, or they used bioresonance to cope with the side effects.

All Age Groups

Bioresonance works for patients of any age. Several studies have focused on the treatment of fetuses inside the womb (in particular, Spina Bifida), as documented by the Congress of Turkish Doctors. The method has been shown to help with:

  • ADHD,
  • milk intolerance,
  • vaccination damage, and
  • other issues.

The method is safe for humans and animals alike. This means a diagnostic center may use it to help any patient. Even today, decades after its inception, no side effects have been revealed.

High Accuracy

Top models like sensitive imago 535 deliver impressive accuracy of data — approximately 97%. Bioresonance is effective for most known illnesses. It can detect stress that is not revealed by a blood test.

Overall, the benefits for any clinic are significant. Top bioresonance devices are a product of collaboration between computer experts and medical professionals from top institutions. The waves from human cells allow healthcare experts to spot adverse changes early and prevent further development of many diseases.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

David M. Higgins was born in Baltimore and grew up in Southern Maryland. He has had a passion for journalism since high school. After spending many years in the Hospitality Industry he began working in...