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Taken from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Page:

So last night was proof once again that many of our local police officers are good people who want to help our community.

My friends and I parked pretty far away from where we ate last night. All the way down at the end of Solomon’s by the environmental science buildings. When we got back to the truck, Dane and Syed were skateboarding and we ran into a group of guys shooting a music video for their new song.

Everyone in their group invited us to get in the video and we ended up absolutely blasting their song from my truck. This earned us a noise complaint since we were in a more residential area. WhenCalvert County Sheriff’s Officearrived, rather than breaking everything up they just asked us what we were doing and that we turn the music down. They then asked if they could get a picture with everyone and sent a link to where they could listen to this guy’s song.

Every one of those guys we met was black. And we were doing exactly the kind of stuff that is innocent enough when you get a noise complaint in Solomon’s Island but can be a terrifying ordeal in south east DC. Not only did the deputies go out of their way to make sure this kid knew his art was a cherished part of the community, but they also made sure all of us knew that they are here to protect EVERYONE regardless of any physical attribute you could find on a person to hold against them.

I love where I’m from. I love our community. I love our dedicated police departments that have been great during this turning point for our country. — with Dane EricksonTori Young and Syed Kamal at Solomon’s Island, Maryland.