News Release, Charles County Public Schools

Ian Herd, a rising junior at La Plata High School, was sworn in last week by Board Chairperson Virginia McGraw as the new Student Member of the Board of Education for the 2020-21 school year. Herd began his term last Tuesday and officially participated in the Board’s June 9 meeting. After he recited the oath of office, Herd shared his excitement to work with the Board this coming school year.

“Today, I took an oath of office and sealed a commitment to the students of Charles County. Twenty-six students proceed me, each having brought something unique to this Board. I am so extremely humbled and honored to now serve as the twenty-seventh. I have been sent here as a conduit of action for my fellow students. Now, more than ever we can see student advocacy boil to fruition. To the students of Charles County, I stand with you in your endeavors,” Herd said.

The Student Member works with a committee of student liaisons, one student from each high school, throughout the school year. Each high school has a liaison, which is selected by methods approved by the school’s Student Government Association (SGA) and principal.

The following students are liaisons for the 2020-21 school year.

·         Eric Valentine, rising junior, La Plata;

·         Christina Walker, rising senior, Henry E. Lackey High School;

·         Hiba Khan, rising junior, Maurice J. McDonough High School and alternate Student Member;

·         Jordan Johnson, rising senior, North Point High School;

·         Ryann Brown, rising senior, St. Charles High School;

·         Tierra Rush, rising senior, Thomas Stone High School; and

·         Faizaan Siddique, rising senior, Westlake High School.

Student members of the Charles County Association of Student Councils (CCASC) also selected new officers for the 2020-21 school year. Representing the CCASC next school year as leaders are:

·         Tyne Kidd, president, rising junior, Lackey;

·         Yachi Madaan, first vice president, rising senior, Stone;

·         Izzah Khan, second vice president, rising seventh grader, Milton M. Somers Middle School;

·         Nia Jenkins-DePeiza, secretary, rising junior, North Point; and

·         Eileen Browning, charity coordinator, rising junior, McDonough.

Each year, student delegates elect CCASC officers. Schools develop their own methods for selecting CCASC student delegates. Each high school sends 15 delegates to monthly meetings and middle schools send up to 10 delegates. The CCASC is an organization consisting of student leaders from the county’s seven high schools and eight middle schools. These students meet throughout the year to discuss issues and concerns, as well as provide input to school system leaders on programs and policies.