News Release, Calvert County Public Information Office

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – June 30, 2020 –The Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation announces the newly constructed second entrance to Hallowing Point Park will open for use beginning Monday, July 6. The new roadway extends from the back of Hallowing Point Park to Jibsail Drive, on the east side of the Calvert County Industrial Park, and provides secondary access for those entering and exiting Hallowing Point Park.

Motorists are advised to follow directional signs posted in the area for entering and exiting the park, as traffic patterns will be adjusted. Motorists may access the second entrance from Jibsail Drive or Skipjack Road. Drivers exiting from the rear of the park must use Ketch Road and Skipjack Road to access Hallowing Point Road (MD 231).

Drivers may only make right turns into and out of the main park entrance onto MD 231.

Completion of the second entrance concludes the first phase of traffic safety improvements in the area of Hallowing Point Park. Additional phases will include further roadway modifications in the surrounding area to optimize the safe flow of traffic into and out of the park.

Hallowing Point Park is located at 4755 Hallowing Point Road in Prince Frederick.

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