We used to run to our TV sets in childhood when our favorite shows were starting. Now we binge-watch them on Netflix and consume tons of information every day. One thing will remain the same – the content of the shows we like so much. Humor programs and love-based shows have been the most popular at all times. And if the reality show combines these two things – then you will fall in love with it. Let’s recall some of the best relationships-related, love-focused, and dating-aimed shows. Some of them are still going live on the TV.

·      Millionaire Matchmaker

The reality show  Millionaire Matchmaker talks about how third-generation matchmaker Patty Stanger and the tireless employees of her agency are striving at all costs to find the perfect match for their wealthy clients. In each episode of the program, two affluent seekers of their love arrange meetings with potentially compatible companions, whom Patty personally selects based on her instinctive ideas about what love is. The participants of the show probably do not wonder how to tell if it’s a date, right?

·      The Bachelor

The Bachelor is one of the most dramatic shows on American television. The participants of the show – dazzling beauties and clever women – are competing for the right to become the wife of an enviable bachelor who can realize all their dreams. But to secure an offer of marriage and, of course, a comfortable life, girls must show their best. Each week, one or two participants who the bachelor did not like leaves the show. And often the dream man cannot make the final choice and name the winner.

The basic principle, according to which the show explains relationships between the bachelor and the girls, are dates. Each of the women goes on a date with the bachelor from time to time, they are arranged in different styles, based on the theme and place (different countries) for the week. We are shown the conversation, kisses, and behind the scenes intrigues. At the end of the week, the bachelor gives all girls the roses and the one who did not receive the flower, leaves the reality show.

·      90-day fiance

The heroes of the television program are girls living in different countries of the world, and American men. They have the same goal – to find a soul mate. Each couple has their own dating story: some girls met young people in their home country during their travels, others accidentally met on the Internet, and some met on dating sites. The participants of the TV show visit the United States to better know their chosen ones. Not only beautiful flowers and expensive wedding rings are waiting for the girls but also difficulties, disappointments, and problems. Some forget that not all the events are happening in real life and that their relationships are being broadcasted for the whole world.

·      Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas

The heroes of each season of the reality show are five couples. All spouses have the same problem: their marriage is at the point of the inevitable disaster. To save family ties, the participants of the TV show Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas will have to live together in the same house for ten days, listening to the advice of consultants and strictly following the recommendations. Spouses will learn how to dance, pass a lie detector test, meet with their former lovers, and even end up at an impromptu bachelor party. The specialists of the show will do everything to save the unions and help the people stay together.

      Date My Mom

The heroes of the television program dream of meeting their soul mate. But they have a difficult task: to choose blindly, talking only with the mothers of the future elect. In each episode of the TV show, the participant goes on a date with three mothers who are ready to tell only the best about their child. A date itself can take place in the most unusual places: in nature, in a store, in a sports hall, and even in a tattoo parlor. The final part of the issue is held on the beach, where the participant talks about their impressions of the dates and tells who they chose.

The thing is, sometimes the moms are a bit crazy, weird, or just not the most attractive. And the participants get to see the one they chose only after the decision has been made. Not rare is the situation when choosing only based on moms turns out to be misleading. Guys who have rejected a weirdo mom can then see her beautiful daughter and regret the decision made, but they should have just paid attention to the words, not appearance and behavior.  

The show is watched by young people from 18 to 24 years old – both with traditional and non-traditional orientation. Later versions of the dating television show came out in different countries: England, Germany, Serbia, Ukraine.