by Collegeboard

The window for class of 2021 students to earn a $500 Build Your College List scholarship – a key step to qualify for a $40,000 College Board Opportunity Scholarship – will close on July 31st, 2020.

 The College Board Opportunity Scholarships program will guide the Class of 2021 through the college planning process with a chance to earn up to $40,000 along the way. Students shouldn’t miss their last chance to complete the first step by building their college list on BigFuture by July 31, 2020.  Taking a few minutes to complete this step will qualify applicants for a $500 scholarship opportunity and keep them on track for the $40,000 Complete Your Journey scholarship. Students can get started today at

Applying to college can be confusing, and too many students don’t get the guidance they need.  The College Board Opportunity Scholarships program gives students a roadmap to college; it encourages them to take the most important actions on the path to college and turns their efforts into scholarships. The College Board is making a $25 million investment over five years. Half of the funds will go to students who need it the most, but anyone can apply. And now, there is a toolkit available to guide students through the process.

This isn’t your typical scholarship program. It’s open to all high school juniors and seniors, including those students who may have counted themselves out of scholarship opportunities. Students don’t have to be at the top of the class, students have to show that they are willing to work hard to take the necessary steps to get to college. 

The key steps are: (1) Build a college list; (2) Practice for the SAT®; (3) Improve SAT scores; (4) Strengthen the college list; (5) Complete the FAFSA, the free government form to apply for financial aid; (6) Apply to colleges. The guidance of the College Board toolkit can help clarify the complex college planning process and assist low-income and first-generation students.