by David M. Higgins II, Publisher

On or about July 31, 2020, the $600-a-week boost to unemployment benefits will expire. More than likely the last one will be July 25, 2020, as the 31st is a Friday and most benefits end on a Saturday.

The GOP has signaled that jobless aid may be part of the next rescue package, but nothing has been put together and would need to signed by President Trump before the aid expires.

“Because state unemployment benefits need to be extended by July 25 in order to be processed by states administering their programs, McConnell’s announcement that the Senate will not even begin drafting or negotiating legislation until next week effectively makes a lapse in those expanded payments unavoidable,” Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.), vice-chair of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, told POLITICO in a statement.

The Houses’ HEROS Act would extend the benefits through the end of January 2021. Republicans and Trump opposed extending the benefits, but have recently indicated it’s on the table in the next rescue plan.

Once the additional $600 benefit runs out, out-of-work Americans could see their benefits drop 50%-85%. The size of an unemployment check depends on the recipient’s income and on rules that vary from state to state, but the average weekly payment over the past year was $342, according to the Labor Department.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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