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Opening Wednesday, July 29th….

The Slice House, located at 41565 Park Avenue in Leonardtown, is expanding. Because their pizza and bagels sell out almost every day, owners Ken and Maegyne Held decided to add a second location, where they will have the capability to bake twice as much deliciousness. The Slice House II Go is now in the former Big Larry’s Eatery space on Washington Street in Leonardtown. Ken told me he wants people to know they simply outgrew the space in The Slice House, and this is an extension. They will continue to operate The Slice House (selling pizza by the slice only) when they can ensure they are doing it safely for their customers.

The Slice House has been open just over a year and (until the pandemic affected things) offered pizza only by the slice. The homemade dough and sauce became immensely popular. When they introduced their fabulous New York-style bagels, they knew something needed to be done to allow them to make larger batches. The capacity of the brick oven at The Slice House is three 18” pizzas at one time, which limited the number of pizzas, and then bagels, that could be baked. I am happy to tell you the new oven at The Slice House II Go is a beauty and they can now bake 6 pizzas at once and lots (that the technical term) of bagels.

Adding the new location is giving them the ability to double their current production. In The Slice House II Go, they now have a 500 square foot state-of-the-art dough room. A large table dominates the space and Jordan (bagel maker extraordinaire) will have plenty of room to increase her bagel making.

The additional location will be selling whole pizza pies and bagels. They have a Grab & Go refrigerated display case at the front of the space where they will feature lunches, salads, hummus/dips, and other great food. The Slice House II Go will also have a few draft beers on tap and a small bar. There is a limited amount of seating if customers want to eat their pizza inhouse.

Ken has some great ideas for the future! Check out The Slice House Facebook page for upcoming developments. Also, see my articles (links below) for additional information.

The Slice House II Go hours are Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm. Bagels are sold Thursday to Sunday starting at 6:30 am.

The Slice House II Go

  • 22745 Washington Street
  • Leonardtown, MD
  • 301-997-6577

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