News Release, Calvert County Public Information Office

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Aug. 3, 2020 – As Tropical Storm Isaias approaches the Mid-Atlantic, the Calvert County Department of Public Safety advises citizens that a tropical storm warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for Calvert County. Tropical storm-force winds of 35-40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph are possible in the area within the next 24 hours.

Calvert County is at risk for strong winds, heavy rain, inland flooding and other severe weather. Strongest winds are expected from the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 4, through the afternoon. Impacts could potentially cause power outages, downed trees and other debris, limited damage to buildings, flash flooding and localized storm surge.

As a safety precaution, Calvert County parks and facilities are closed until further notice.

Residents are urged to prepare now for potential impacts, including power outages. Build an emergency kit with water, non-perishable food, drinking water, at least 3-5 days’ worth of medication, batteries, a first-aid kit and flashlights. Include items in your emergency kit that can help protect you and others from COVID-19, such as hand, bar or liquid soap, disinfectant wipes and two cloth face coverings for each person. Fill a bathtub or large container with water for sanitary purposes such as for flushing toilets and cleaning; this is important for those whose water runs on an electrical system.

Pet owners should secure fences and gates to prevent pets from escaping. Monitor animals closely while they are outside to prevent injury from debris. Prepare your emergency kit for your pets, including pet food, medication, a photo of the pet(s) and copies of vaccination records.

To view more emergency-planning tips and information visit

Sandbags Available

The county has sand and sandbags available for residents who need them to protect property. Up to 20 sandbags per person may be picked up until 7 p.m. today at the following locations:

·         Appeal Salt Dome, 401 Sweetwater Road, Lusby

·         Stafford Road Salt Dome, 335 Stafford Road, Barstow

·         Mt. Hope Salt Dome, 92 Pushaw Station Road, Sunderland

County staff will be available to assist. Citizens should bring a shovel to fill bags.

Residents must follow health precautions for preventing the spread of COVID-19, to include maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet from others and wearing a face covering if unable to maintain adequate distancing.

It is important to stay informed through official channels, as information may change rapidly. Stay tuned to local radio and TV stations for official weather information, alerts and warnings; follow instructions and advice given by emergency officials.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed and prepared in the event of an emergency by visiting and signing up for Calvert County ALERT to receive timely information about various emergency and non-emergency situations in the county.

The county has launched a hurricane resource center on its website to share the latest updates, guidance and resources in response to Tropical Storm Isaias. Residents, employees and media are encouraged to regularly monitor the page and use the resources available at

Updates will appear on the Calvert County Government website,, and Facebook page at