LA PLATA, MD (September 8, 2020)–– University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center has begun efforts to complete a new Community Health Needs Assessment.

Mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is to be completed by hospital facilities every three years. Most recently, UM Charles Regional conducted an assessment in 2018.

Results from the CHNA help to identify health needs for individuals across Southern Maryland. This paves the way for health improvements on the local scale and has the potential to greatly impact community programs.

One of the main methods of evaluation for the Charles County CHNA is an online survey. This format ensures a quick and easy process that all local residentscan participate in by going to the UM Charles Regional website and completing the linked survey.

“The survey is one of our greatest tools for completing the Needs Assessment,” said Craig Renner, Director of Marketing and Communications at UM Charles Regional Medical Center. “We count on these responses to enhance our services and we want to make sure we’re inclusive of the entire population.”

After compiling data from the survey, UM Charles Regional will be able to develop and implement strategies based on the health needs identified. Recognizing gaps and key factors for community health is essential in making strides towards a healthier Southern Maryland.

The 2020 Charles County Community Health Needs Assessment — as well as information from past years’ CHNAs — can be accessed online at Survey responses will be accepted until the end of the year.

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