Push notifications are a powerful marketing tool. They deliver personalized ads even when the customer is not browsing. Compatible with desktop and mobile devices, they boost ROI and CTR. Here is how they work.

Today, hundreds of millions connect to the Internet. Through an advertising platform like the one from the https://evadav.com/ site, you can create elegant ads that bring in high-quality traffic. As users need to opt-in, this form of promotion is less invasive than others.

How Push Ads Work

Unless you live in a cave, you are familiar with this format. Push ads are brief messages that pop up on your smartphone a few times per day. Their content varies from system updates to weather forecasts. Naturally, advertisers could not overlook the potential of this channel.

Push notifications require consent. This sets them apart from popups that are probably the most annoying form in existence. When a user visits a website, they may sign up for push ads from the resource. These alerts appear on their tablet, computer, or smartphone even when they aren’t looking at the site. A click or tap on an ad takes them to the promoted page.

Push ads are classified as native advertisements. This means they match the form and function of the platform they lead to. This tool is also:

  • user-friendly,
  • highly engaging, and
  • not intrusive.

When we see a popup, our immediate reaction is to close it. Banners are also less engaging. In comparison, push notifications have a higher click-through rate (CTR). As a result, users consider them more relevant and attractive overall.

Better Engagement and Retention

Through push ads, your target audience is exposed to the brand on a regular basis. According to an Airship report, users have a 190% higher retention rate when they receive at least one notification in their first 90 days. Research by Urban Airship reveals that this increase in retention may even be tenfold. AI and automation allow companies to send messages which are relevant and timely. Push ads turn passive users into active ones.

Better Conversion

For an e-store, the goal is to trigger orders. Retailers remind customers about abandoned carts. Such push ads prompt them to complete purchases. Recently, this technique has been employed by La Redoute. Compared with classic mobile ads, the brand boosted its retargeting CTR by up to 300%.

Tips for Your Next Ad Campaign

Push ads must be converting, which requires meticulous preparation. Each element of the notification (the image, the title, and the description) must be optimized. There are a few guidelines to heed. Choose simple but catchy images, keep the title concise. Finally, make creative descriptions. A lot depends on your vision and imagination.

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