Annapolis, MD — Chair of the Charles County Delegation, Delegate Edith J. Patterson, has announced that the delegation will hear proposals from the public for 2021 General Assembly Legislative Bond Initiatives (formerly, called Bond Bills).  This Virtual Public Hearing will be held Monday, October 26, 2020, beginning at 6:00 p.m. via Microsoft Teams.

Per the Guidelines:With the support of a legislative sponsor, any applicant may request funding from the General Assembly for a capital project. The number and type of projects funded by the General Assembly is limited – requests for funding greatly exceed available resources each year. In some years, the total amount requested for local capital projects has exceeded 10 times the available resources. Thus, the eligibility and priority of sponsored projects is heavily scrutinized to ensure that State-authorized funds will be expended expeditiously.

Eligibility Criteria:

Projects must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for funding consideration.

• A Project Must Be Capital in Nature:A capital project deals with land and/or structures. Capital projects do not include items such as employee salaries, benefits, expendable equipment (i.e., automobiles), or operating costs.

• A Project Must Have a Useful Life of 15 Years: Capital projects, including LBIs, must have a useful life greater than or equal to the life of the bonds sold to finance the project, which are limited by the State Constitution to 15 years. Items such as automobiles and computers do not have a useful life of 15 years. A group that is leasing land and/or a structure relating to the proposed capital project must demonstrate that the lease will extend for 15 years or more.

• A Project Must Serve a Public Purpose:Capital funds may be distributed to private organizations but must be used for projects with a public purpose.

• Project Funds May Not Be Used for Religious Purposes:No portion of the proceeds of a loan or any of the matching fund provided for a project may be used (1) for the furtherance of sectarian religious instruction; (2) in connection with the design, acquisition, construction, or equipping of any building used or to be used as a place of sectarian religious worship or instruction; or (3) in connection with any program or department of divinity for any religious denomination. If the LBI request supports a religious organization, the applicant should be prepared to submit a letter certifying that the funds will not be used in furtherance of sectarian purposes.

If you wish to present a Legislative Bond Initiative Request, please access the Maryland General Assembly website and select Documents.  The options of Guidelines, Request Form, and How To Request a Legislative Bond Initiative appear.  Request Forms must be submitted to me no later than Thursday, October 22nd to appear on the Agenda.

All citizens are welcome to attend and make their views known on any legislative bond bill initiative. For further information, or to Register to Attend, email

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