Maryland has always been one of the most sought-after states in the U.S., especially for families who are looking to purchase a forever home. But what exactly makes MD such a great state to settle down in?

Well, if you’re moving to The Old Line State, here are just some of the things you can look forward to.

  1. Seafood, seafood, seafood

Move to Maryland and your taste buds will definitely thank you. Half-shell oysters, fresh blue crabs, crab cakes, and lobster rolls are in abundance here, especially if you’re headed to Southern Maryland. This place is also home to the nation’s best restaurants and breweries, so you will never run out of cuisine options,

  • Excellent education options

The University of Maryland, College Park is considered among the best tertiary education institutions not just in the state but across the nation. Aside from this school, there are about 54 other accredited colleges and universities in the state. School districts in the area are also well-funded and students in the state have above-average proficiency rates in reading and math.

  • Great employment opportunities

There is a growing job market in Maryland, so there are tons of great employment opportunities that will be available for you, especially in government service. There are a lot of tech and trade companies that have set up shop here, particularly in Baltimore. Additionally, jobs in Washington, DC are within striking distance if you live in Maryland, so you can actually make the short commute even if you end up working in a different city.

  • Proactive policy support for small businesses

The Maryland Department of Labor is proactive in supporting not just employees, but employers, too. For instance, the agencyset aside $20 million dollarsto help small businesses in the state stay open despite the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you ever want to put up a small business later on in life, you can expect a certain level of support from the state government.

  • Green energy options

Both the Maryland Energy Administration and the Public Service Commission are committed to making it easy for Maryland residents to get community solar. This is one way you can use solar energy in your Maryland home without having to invest in rooftop panels that may not be suitable in your own home. Maryland is one state where you don’t have to go out of your way to be more conscious about living an environment-friendly life. May it be in terms of clean energy or recycling, or the availability of provisions for bikers, this state has it all.

  • World-class hospitals

The Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore is recognized as one of the country’s best, right along with the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore. There are dozens of other world-class hospitals in the area so you never have to worry about having to travel out of the state for any hospital needs that may arise for you in your stay here.

  • Proximity to other great cities

As mentioned earlier, moving to Maryland means you will also get to enjoy the perks of other cities like Washington DC and New York City without having to fly out or suffer a long commute. This means trips to the nation’s tourist capital and actual capital will be a breeze for you and your family whenever you feel like it.

  • Rich culture and history

There is a lot to learn about this state’s rich culture and riveting history, which is why it’s good that there are a lot of diverse museums you can visit in-state. There’s the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, the National Cryptologic Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Museum of Civil War Medicine, among others. Needless to say, the national museums in Washington, DC will also be easily accessible for you.

  • Temperate climate

When people in Maryland talk about the weather, they’re not simply making small talk. The weather is really nice and temperate all year round, although the winters can get very white and snowy, which the kids (and most pets) love anyway.

  1. Beautiful parks and beaches

The Appalachian Trail and Glen Echo Park are just some of the most visited parks in the state. If you’re more into swimming and sunbathing, then you’d feel right at home in Ocean City and Assateague Island, which are just two of the most stunning beach destinations in the state. There is simply no shortage of recreational activities to explore in the state, which is aptly called ‘America in Miniature.’

Excited to move to Maryland now? This state is definitely good on paper, but if you want to find out everything it has to offer, it is better to experience all of it. Only then will you realize why Maryland is one of the most sought-after states in the nation.

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  1. Maryland is in the Subtropical Climate region, not Temperate. If you can deal with extremely high year-round humidity, and Summer temperatures which can reach up to 115, by all means give it a shot 🙂

    As for snow, the parts of the state which receive the most snow are Western Maryland, and near the Pennsylvania border; The Capital Region, Southern Maryland, and the Eastern Shore rarely see snow in Winter, and when they do, it’s very minimal. Don’t come to Maryland expecting snow.

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