Going about our daily routine and schedule, we often miss out on delightful attractions around us. Maryland is a place with state-of-the-art historical, architectural, and natural heritage of this continent. Students of architecture, science directions, and general education have a lot to learn from these attractions.

In Maryland, a museum, park, or monument of history is filled with stories from decades ago. Students can write essays without worrying about ideas` narrowness because of the vast information available in these locations. Families can also take their loved ones to visit these locations for quality bonding time and relaxation. Where are you headed first? Here’s a one-stop read on the architecture, nature, and art history of Maryland. Let’s get started.

Cunningham Falls State Park

Visiting the Cunningham Falls State Park has been mandated, especially for art students in Maryland. After these visits to the park, every student has an essay writing assignment about the sights and views in the mountains. This art essay is a personal account of the picturesque waterfall experience and hiking at the falls. Of course, adults and children also participate in various activities in the park. A few examples are outdoor family camping, long walks, and hiking.

Town Of Daniels

Looking for a town with so much history and heritage of Maryland? The town of Daniels is a must-visit attraction for family getaways. This is an abandoned town on the coast of Maryland presently called “The Patapsco Valley.” The town is a clear extension of the Patapsco River, which flows through the nearby Ellicott City. You’d get a rear view of old pieces of equipment from the textile mill factories located in the town. Also, visitors get to see the old church and lots of abandoned vehicles.

Baltimore Inner Harbour

This is a city recommended to adults, children, and young people because it expresses life. It’s the perfect hotspot in Maryland for catching glimpses of skyscrapers, industrial buildings, and water views. The Baltimore Inner Harbour attracts national and international art writers and tourists annually. The Headquarters of Under Armour is one historical monument that draws the attention of visiting delegates. Explore the entire downtown area of Baltimore.

Deep Creek Lake

Students, working professionals, children, and visiting guests have come to develop an affinity for Deep Creek Lake. The lake is strategically secluded from the city’s main parts and known for a fun variety of activities. There are a couple of vacation rentals around the lake from which visitors get shelter during winter getaways. Students can take class or group trips in the huge rental cabins around the lake. Families enjoy the natural landscape for games and camping.

Solomon’s Island

The Island is one of nature’s finest in Calvert County, Maryland. This Island is a famous resort area where visitors watch the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay meet. Solomon’s Island is a little town located on the water. Its locals depend on the fresh seafood from the river and ships and docks for movement around the Island. Tourists, locals, and guests from across the globe engage in water-based activities on this Island. There are a few small shops, a couple of art galleries, and local concerts for the entertainment of guests and locals.


The historical knowledge of the Cambridge town in Maryland is dated back to centuries. Found on the eastern part of Maryland’s shore, the town hosts numerous special events annually. Cambridge is also an attraction for fresh seafood and incredible water views. Students look forward to the ancient stories of the town every time they pay a visit. Families also take their children on historical trips for the tales of life on water shared by Cambridge locals.

Berlin, Maryland

In the small town of Berlin, visitors explore the architectural masterpiece of ancient buildings. The town is particular about its cultural heritage and takes each opportunity to share them with tourists. The monuments in Berlin are not only historical but also designed with Victorian-style and elegant finish. Berlin town is an attractive community, also known for one of the best dining and shopping experiences.

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