LEONARDTOWN, MD– The St. Mary’s County Health Department (SMCHD) has opened COVID-19 vaccination registration for St. Mary’s County residents aged 75 years or older in preparation for phase 1B of local COVID vaccination efforts.

Registration available at: www.smchd.org/covid-19-vaccine 

The Department of Aging & Human Services in cooperation with SMCHD is available to provide registration assistance for seniors or their caregivers.Please call the St. Mary’s County Department of Aging & Human Services at: (301) 475-4200, ext. 1049 to speak with a staff member if you need help registering.

For Vaccination Appointment:

You must have identification verifying age 75 years or older and residency in St. Mary’s County.Registration for a vaccine appointment is required to receive the vaccine. Registered individuals should arrive at their scheduled appointment time.Please do not arrive earlyas the higher volume impacts traffic flow and could result in longer waiting times.

“Having the COVID-19 vaccine available to our community’s older adults of at least 75 years of age provides an opportunity for them to guard against the COVID-19 virus while bringing them a sense of relief and peace of mind,” said Lori Jennings-Harris, Director of the St. Mary’s County Department of Aging & Human Services.

Commissioner President Randy Guy said, “St. Mary’s County continues to be a regional leader in collaboration efforts. Getting through this pandemic and getting life back to normal for our residents is a priority. The Department of Aging & Human Services is a direct link to our county’s most vulnerable population of seniors, and I am proud that we will do whatever it takes to care for our community members.”

“Our Phase 1A mass vaccination clinics were very successful in reaching the 1A target groups of local first responders and health care personnel,” said Dr. Meena Brewster, St. Mary’s County Health Officer. “In preparation for phase 1B, we are ready for our most senior residents in the county to get registered for vaccine appointments. Our Health Department appreciates the partnership with the Department of Aging and Human Services in helping residents aged 75 years and older get registered. Vaccine offers us hope – a chance to prevent severe COVID-19 infection and decrease the spread of illness within our community. While we will need to continue face coverings, social distancing, and hand washing there is much to be grateful for as we finally turn a corner in this pandemic journey.”

In addition to now registering residents age 75 and older for vaccination, the St. Mary’s County Health Department is preparing to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine for other groups that are part of future phases of local vaccination efforts. Additional information on local COVID-19 vaccination clinics and other eligible groups will be shared as priority categories are released by the state. SMCHD mass vaccination events will continue as vaccine supply becomes available to the local health department. For more information, visit www.smchd.org/covid-19-vaccine

For local COVID-19 updates, information and data, please visit www.smchd.org/coronavirus or call the St. Mary’s County Health Department at 301-475-4330. 

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