Social media is a booming industry that appreciates as each year passes. It has the power to withstand recession, global pandemics, or even economic crises and thrive through it all. It is unphased by the changes in political power and is a global tool used in every developed and developing part of the world. There are many social media platforms being used today from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, and many more, however, Instagram is leading the entire group at the forefront as one of the most popular social media platforms at the moment. It has the highest amount of brand reach and has benefited many businesses in increasing their profits.

Many brands have been using Instagram for years and time and time again it has been proven that it is a great tool for branding. However, if you’re not fully convinced that Instagram can be used to substantially grow a brand, here are a few reasons why brands are using Instagram in 2021.

A more engaged audience

Instagram has a massive audience, larger than most people can even comprehend, which makes it easy to increase your followers, especially when using a service for growth, such as In fact, statistics state that, per follower, Instagram has close to 60 times more engagement than Facebook which is known as the most popular social media app in history. The demographics provided on Instagram are a safe haven for businesses and it can be used to allow companies to find almost any group of people from any background in any part of the world.

The demographic details are so detailed – highly specific to a user’s personal details from age to gender, occupation to interests, and even location to lifestyle. Studies have also shown that nearly 70% of Instagram users engaged with brands unlike Facebook’s measly engagement of 32%. As a result of Instagram’s faster engagement, this offers companies the potential for faster growth from startup. It encourages new businesses with the potential of a faster peak than if they were to go the traditional route. This one of the many motivating reasons why so many brands have switched over to using Instagram as a source of marketing.

Hashtags and targeted followers

When used correctly, hashtags are a great resource for increasing the traffic to your page from specific people that align with the niche you are trying to create. It is a hidden gem of sorts that sneakily slips a brand’s content onto the user’s feed without them even searching for your business. They provide a way to obtain even more targeted followers which is important as it gives you the opportunity to target your marketing to people who are interested in or looking for what you are offering.  If you’re new to Instagram, it may be intimidating to use hashtags at first. You may be unsure of how many hashtags to use or which ones are best. Most businesses use at least seven hashtags on each post that best relates to your business, your target audience, and your product. For reference sake, look at similar businesses and draw inspiration from them.

Brand reach

Brand reach is the amount of engagement your brand has with the surrounding world. Essentially, it’s the number of people that see you and listen to what you say every time you post. Instagram gives your brand the potential to increase its reach as 90% of all Instagram users follow a minimum of one business account. This is largely because there are over a billion active users on Instagram that utilize the app on a monthly basis. Instagram uses a variety of marketing techniques from hashtags to posts to stories to reels, all embedded with ads in every nook and cranny.

The longer you spend being skeptical about whether or not Instagram is the way to go for you and your company, the more money you lose. Rather take the risk, which is really not a risk at all, and plunge your company deep into the depths of using Instagram as a tool to grow your brand. Taking advantage of their audience which has the highest form of engagement, their hashtags which enable you to obtain a targeted following, and their brand reach which has shown exponential potential, will allow your business to flourish in the outside world against leading competitors.  

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