In the gaming world, whether it’s card games, PC, or even video gaming, it is an awesome feeling to add a new accessory to your playing gear. For gaming enthusiasts, what a thrill it is to receive a unique gaming gift from a friend or partner. Remember this feeling you have now, and the next time your gaming loved one has a birthday or important anniversary, here are just some of the countless gifts with which you can spoil your loved one!

A gaming-related gift is very personal, so think carefully about what your gaming loved one has mentioned as being on their wish list. If you know them very well, you can trust that your idea will make a huge difference to their playing experience.

This list is fantastic because most of the items are either gender-neutral or customizable, giving you the ultimate flexibility in choosing a present.

Is Your Buddy a Card Gamer?

The unique gifts that stand out as necessary to recommend for trading card gamers are both customizable. Firstly, there are amazing custom card sleeves that you can gift your gamer buddy! A couple of easy steps after selecting your friend’s favorite game character (irrespective of what card game or image it is, really) is to upload the photo, choose your size, and what kind of editing finishes you’d like.

Not only will your buddy’s cards increase in value, but the sleeves will protect the cards for a much longer period than without sleeves. Additionally, their cool factor will also improve, making you an awesome friend! Another great customizable gift for your friend if they love trading card games is playmats. Personalized playmat producers over at display their reviews online and their customers could not be happier! With a smooth finish and a spacious feel, giving your friend their very own unique playmat is an amazing idea.    

PC Gamers

Next, we have PC gaming needs, which range from webcams and mechanical keyboards to the incredible ergonomic innovations of gaming chairs and mice. But, what gift can you share with your friend that is unique?

One really fun idea is a multiple color-combination pack of color LED backlight strips for their PC screen or gaming desk. Contributing tremendously to flair and the ever-precious gaming atmosphere, this is a comparatively inexpensive gaming accessory that is undoubtedly going to be a winning gift for your friend!

Alternatively, your gaming buddy might be looking for a visual accessory to their gaming room. There are hundreds of posters that you can purchase for your friend which they can frame or simply stick up in their studio to enjoy. And don’t think that these posters are boring!

Some of the games which have their own collection of unique posters are Fortnite, Zelda, Minecraft, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering. There are even some posters which you can scratch, for example, 100 must-play games!

General Gift Ideas

For the friend who may enjoy both card and PC gaming, there are some more general gifts that could be a good way to go if their playing gear and accessories are all set up and working well for them. Of course, you don’t want to force your gift onto your gaming buddy, so it may sometimes be better to get a more general gift.

A very unique gift is a Bluetooth headphone beanie. If you do not yet know, companies like FullLight have made beanie hats with built-in Bluetooth headphones. This is a very cool present that your friend might not consider buying for themselves, so something to look into!

Health and Energy

If your gaming buddy is very serious and may be interested in trying something new, The Genius Brand has released an elite gamer nootropic that optimizes focus, reaction, mental clarity, and energy. With vitamins included in the formula, these supplements are great for someone who tends to forget to eat when he’s too busy playing.

Your friend has perhaps mentioned feeling a little tired during their gaming sessions, or is spending extra hours after work streaming? In the case an energy boost might be useful (which it almost always is), this could be a thoughtful idea which they possibly haven’t considered before.

If you haven’t really been inspired by the aforementioned ideas, perhaps it might be worth looking into a personalized gamer water bottle. Avid gamers regularly spend hours behind the screen and need to remain committed to their health. As dehydration can have serious consequences, an epic gifted water bottle might just do the trick to incentivize your gaming buddy.

As mentioned in the case of the personalized playmat and the custom card sleeves, how awesome would it be to organize a gift for your friend that you just know is going to blow them away!

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