Before you run to the store and buy the first gift you find, take some time to think about what the guy you are shopping for would like to get. Is there something he has always wanted to have, is there something unique that he would really appreciate? The worth of a gift is not determined by the amount of money you spent, but by the thought that you put into it. So, no matter what kind of gift you are looking for, make sure to think it through.

If you want to surprise a man in your life, there are plenty of fun and useful gifts you can get. To give you some ideas, and help you put a smile on someone’s face, we have prepared a list of cool and unique gift ideas.

Beer Subscription

No matter which man you want to treat with a gift, the biggest majority of them will appreciate a beer subscription. Instead of getting him a pack of beer so that he can enjoy it on his birthday, give him a six-pack of his favorite brew monthly, bimonthly, or however, you choose. This way, he will not only be happy about the gift for his birthday but whenever a new pack of beer arrives.

Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

The tradition of buying bouquets is usually oriented towards women. No matter if it is their birthday, an anniversary, or Valentine’s day, women always get flowers. So, why not buy a bouquet for a man in your life as he deserves it as well! Truth be told, probably not that many men would enjoy getting flowers, but luckily, there is another type of bouquet you can buy – a beef jerky flower bouquet.

A Personalized Puzzle

For a puzzle enthusiast, a regular puzzle looks like the best gift they can get. But, there is something that can make it even better – personalizing it. You can choose a picture of the two of you together, a picture of his pet, or anything he loves. Just remember to choose a picture that has high quality, since the puzzles are usually quite large.

Genetic Ethnicity Test

If he is always going through old photos and talks about his family’s history a lot, there is a unique gift you can give him. Genetic ethnicity tests can show you all the ethnicities you belong to and in what percentage. For someone who would like to learn more about their heritage, this would be the perfect gift.

Whiskey Rocks

If he is a big whiskey lover and if he likes drinking it “on the rocks”, why not buy him actual whiskey rocks? The ones who truly appreciate whiskey know that it shouldn’t be watered down. Whiskey rocks don’t melt so he will be able to enjoy the complete taste. To make it even more personal, you can engrave them as well.

Mini Projector

We have all at some point wished we had a home movie theater. Since a project like that would cost a lot, most of the time our wish doesn’t come true. No matter if you want to buy a gift for your boyfriend, dad, or brother, we are sure they will enjoy getting a mini projector. This simple gift can turn any room into a movie theater. You can watch movies together, or he can have friends over and watch a football game. Either way, a cool gift like this will not go to waste for sure.

Custom Vinyl Record Label

The good old mixtapes never go out of style. But, if you want to make it even more special, you can make him a personalized vinyl record. It can feature his favorite song or a song that has a special meaning to both of you. To make this gift even better, you can write a custom note on it. You can give it to him either in a gift wrap or possibly even put it in an openable frame.

Monthly Sock Subscription

When we were young, socks were the last gift we wanted to get. But as we get older we start to realize how memorable of an outfit a good pair of socks can make. To give someone one pair of socks is one thing, but to keep them coming regularly for a few months is its own magic. If he likes fun patterns, a certain style, or an artist, you can choose socks that fit that category.

Finding the perfect gift for anyone is a hard task. But, as long as you think it through and buy something he will truly enjoy, you won’t go wrong. If you want to buy a unique gift, but you were having trouble thinking of one, we hope you found an idea in our article.

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