Utility Task Vehicles (UTV) require upgrading to improve their safety and performance. It requires diligent research, testing, procurement, and implementation to upgrade a UTV. They are pushed to their limits in many ways beyond their factory version. Therefore, they require a lot more than what was given from the factory.

UTV has multipurpose usage. They are used for getting into the rough terrain, desert racing, or simply moving around in your family estate. Depending on your requirements, here are certain ways that you can upgrade your UTV as per your requirements. 

Control Is Essential

Control arms are crucial for the vehicle’s suspension system. High clearance control systems are required for these vehicles as they navigate in different terrains. Often the original control system gets bent if the vehicle passes through rocky terrain frequently. A bent control arm reduces the life of the vehicle and disables it. Therefore, it is important to get durable control arms. 

Smooth Gear For Flexibility

UTV requires frequent gear changing as they explore through rough terrains. A smooth gear is necessary to help them pass through. While on a road trip with friends or an adventure with fellow Bravehearts a jammed gear is the last thing you would want. Therefore, a gear shift knob is what would give you a smooth ride on rough terrain.

Good Steering to Win the Race

UTV is often used for mountain or desert racing purposes. Good steering is the main player in any race. If you plan to use your UTV for racing purposes then a good 13.75” steering wheel is what would keep you ahead in the race. Always make sure to buy a gripper series steering wheel as on unfriendly terrains you should have a good grip on your steering wheel. 

Long-Lasting Tires

The tires of UTV have to withstand lots of hardship. UTV tires have to be strong and beefy. The factory version also gives good tires but often that is not enough. Depending on the terrain that you would be riding, it is best to select the tires. There are mud tires and sand tires. You can select them depending on your specific requirement. The Rock-A-Billy all-terrain tire is a good multipurpose tire. 

TireBalls can be a great way to upgrade your UTV. TireBalls are good for flat prevention. TireBalls have 16 inflatable cells so that if one cell goes flat due to a nail or spike then the 15 others would keep driving on. Racing cars, military vehicles, racing bikes, industrial vehicles, and agricultural vehicles also use them. Recently, the marine corps upgraded their UTV with TireBalls. 

Visibility Is Key

Whether you’re in a car, truck, plane, or UTV, having great visibility can be the difference between a great adventure and a bad one. Upgrading to high-quality UTV mirrors can give you that extra level of special awareness that you need to stay safe on the trails. UTV mirrors come in various shapes and sizes. A mirror adapter would be a good way to mount your mirror at the center. Mirror adapters are also available for side view mirrors and are a great tool for a long and adventurous journey. 

Protection From Weather

UTV has to withstand challenging weather. A good way to protect the mirrors from the weather would be to invest in a weather seal cap. The caps are helpful to keep debris away.

Biodegradable Oil Filters

Those of you who are conscious about the environment may want to opt for pre-oiled filters. These filters are biodegradable and you can throw them right after using them. As they are pre-oiled, you can change the filter of your vehicle faster. 

Roof Over the Head

Those who drive UTV, have to deal with lots of elements like sun, wind, rain, snow, and dust. Moreover, they have to deal with it in rough terrains. They must get shelter from these elements. A steel roof as an environmental protection cover would be a great addition. 

Rear Windshield

Going on an adventure in your UTV will get dampened if you are unable to see clearly. Driving the UTV over rough terrain often results in the accumulation of dust and debris in the rear. To enhance your ride a rear windshield can be a good accessory that would maintain high visibility by limiting dust and dirt circulation during an excursion. 


Apart from regular maintenance and service, UTV needs to be upgraded as per requirement. The upgrading should be done keeping safety and performance in mind. A well-maintained and sophisticated UTV can be your best friend. 

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