The video game community is now the most lucrative strand of the entertainment industry, seeing a huge surge over the past couple of years to reach the point where it is now worth more than its music and film counterparts put together. Playing video games professionally at events and tournaments around the world, known in the industry as ‘Esports’ has also seen its stock soar over the past few years, rising to become one of the most hotly followed and lucrative communities within the gaming world. 

Investments and partnerships from companies ranging from Intel, Monster and Mercedes into professional teams and competitions has helped open the door to bigger prize pools and better entertainment spectacles for the fans, and the scene only promises to continue to grow heading into 2021 and the years ahead. 

Betting on Esports has become an increasingly popular pursuit for fans of some of the biggest titles within the industry, with a plethora of specialist sites being established over the years to provide a whole host of innovative ways of turning their passion into some extra cash. To help you get started in the world of Esports betting, here are some of the best Esports betting platforms to consider in 2021.


Without a doubt, are the go-to guys for all things Esports. The industry leaders, the site has a regularly updated blog filled with all the latest news and stories from the industry, as well as a whole host of innovative ways of betting on video games. As well as providing an unbeatable range of odds and offers on season outrights for every event and tournament in every leading Esport, Unikrn have live in-play odds that are updated to the second. The site has live streams of the games available for viewing to help users have the best experience possible, and their markets range from something as simple as who is going to win a match or series, to more game-specific picks that really allow the veterans to flex their knowledge. 

On top of that, Unikrn is also the world’s first Esports betting platform that allows you to make money playing video games. Unikrn’s UMode mode is the world’s first skill gaming platform that syncs up to a user’s own gaming profile to offer an innovative player vs. house model that asks players to place wagers on certain challenges for their next official game and rewards them depending on their performances in the server. There are also virtual betting modes on everything from real-world UFC fights to CS: GO events all the way from 2012, ensuring that the site has something for fans to bet on at any time. 


Take the time to watch any event or tournament from any one of the leading Esports games in the industry, and you will more than likely see Betway pop up. Already one of the most well established betting companies in the real world sports industry, Betway has become one of the leading lights of traditional bookmakers venturing into the new and exciting Esports community. From League of Legends to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Betway have sponsored countless events around the world and are the official bookmakers in a number of official annual tournaments within the Esports calendar. They are currently the official partners of legendary Esports orgs such as Ninjas in Pyjamas, BIG Clan and MiBR (Made in Brazil), and have established a serious presence in the social media forums through a variety of fun features for the fans to follow. 


One of the best things about the digital nature of Esports betting is the continued innovation it allows for in terms of the formats and means of wagering available. Puntt is one of the best examples of this innovation, being established in recent times as something different for the fans to sink their teeth into. Unlike other bookmakers that simply present markets on teams or players, Puntt’s ways of wagering revolves around a pooling system where users invest on a particular CS:GO or League of Legends game and attempt to predict which player will be the top performer. 

Not only does this allow for intricate understandings of certain teams and players to really thrive, rewarding those with the most amount of passion and expertise, but the pooling system and investment means of wagering is unlike anything available in the traditional brick and mortar ways of betting.

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