Sometimes, writers need a little nudge in the back to get their creative juices flowing. Different writers try several approaches to finding writing inspiration. For many writers, changing physical locations is the key to getting the ball rolling.

For these writers, visiting new places fuels their creativity. It may be the unique scenery or the smell of freshly brewed coffee with a backdrop of chirping birds that does the trick. Apart from the fresh perspective it brings, there are other reasons to try new places when writing.

Every essay writer has days when they need all the help they can get. And on days like that, a college essay writing service can come in handy. But if they are living in Maryland, they could opt to visit some of the best places for writing essays in the area.

Here are five ideal places that essay writers living in or visiting the Maryland area should explore:

1. The George Peabody Library

The George Peabody Library is an excellent example of why a library is still a good place to write today. This library is located at Mt. Vernon, Baltimore, one of the best places to live in Maryland. If you live in Baltimore or are visiting it, the George Peabody Library is one of the best spots to write essays. It is located within the Peabody Institute of Music and is visually breathtaking. The books stacked in the library accentuate its post-modern era pillars and inspire any writer to create masterpieces there.

2. CremCafe, Rockville

If you ever watched one of those movies where people sat in coffee shops writing poems or letters, you may wonder what it is about coffee shops that fuels creativity. A visit to the CremCafe will put that question to bed. This average-sized coffee shop in Rockville is one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Maryland.

Step inside and you will instantly be taken in by the Italian-themed scenery and the scent of Italian espresso wafting into your nostrils. Everything about CremCafe will send you on an all-expense-paid trip to an imaginative Rome. The ambiance in that coffee shop is so relaxing that writing here would be a fantastic experience for any writer needing a little caffeine boost.

3. Botanic Deli Cafe, Leonardtown

Leonard town is one of the most beautiful southern Maryland cities and is home to some genuinely gorgeous cafes. The atmosphere and beauty of one such cafe – the Botanic Deli Cafe – can inspire creative people. If you ever need to write an essay while in town, this cafe is the calmest option available to the public.

The scenery and smell of coffee and freshly baked goods in the Botanic Deli Cafe are other things to look forward to. The chairs are comfortable and make writing for prolonged periods less challenging. The cafe, albeit quiet and serene, comes with a few distractions, like people coming in and going out, which is the only reason it isn’t at the top of this list.

4. R-House, Baltimore

Although the R-House is officially a food hall, it may also be an unofficial workspace for writers. That is because many creative people put pen to paper in there. However, that fact isn’t surprising since R-House is located in Baltimore, which is home to some of the most renowned writers.

The hall has a large sitting area where different people can come to sit, grab lunch and work. The environment is great because if you ever lose the motivation to write, the sight of other people concentrating and working will re-energize you. Besides, you could always reach out for help from other creatives at arm’s length.

5. The Bun Shop, Baltimore

In Baltimore, there is another wonderful writing space where you can work overnight if the need be. Specific essay writing projects require laser focus and working round the clock to complete them. And if working at home will come with too many distractions, visit The Bun Shop.

Writers looking for serene writing environments will love the fact that it is quiet at The Bun Shop. You can only find a handful of people and empty couches at every given point in time. The shop is dimly lit and breathtaking. It is thus a model writing space for a writer with a deadline.

Final thoughts

Essay writing sometimes requires more inspiration than writers can get from academic research. It isn’t uncommon to run out of ideas or the passion for writing an essay. No matter how much experience you have as a writer, you will still face writer’s block at some point. If you ever want to change your writing routine, visiting any of the places mentioned above is a great start. They are quiet, well-designed and often have food to keep you going while writing.

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