Why do people use YouTube to Mp3 converters? Many people in the world love listening to audio music rather than concentrating on video. They would want to have Mp3 files in their car stereos, home theaters, laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets. We all understand that there is no legit app that offers Mp3 audio streaming without compromising its quality. With the rising demand for quality mp3 files, people have resorted to using YouTube to mp3 converters to convert their favorite video songs to Mp3. This article will discuss some main reasons that make audio lovers use these converters. Read on for the list.

1. It saves on space

Video files take a lot of space in your storage memory. A place occupied by ten videos can take hundreds of Mp3 files without compromising on quality. People convert videos into mp3 files to save on space and still get the same audio they could have on video files. Think about this; most players limit the size of flash disks they can comfortably play. This situation means huge flash disks might not play on your home theatre or car stereo. The best way of ensuring all your favorite songs fit in one disk space is by converting them into Mp3 format.

This conversion enables you to store as many pieces into a smaller flash disk readily accepted by many players.

2. Sound Quality

Most people are always concerned about the sound quality when downloading videos, especially when focusing on audio. Such happens mostly on music files. Downloading a video straight from YouTube might not come with the desired sound quality. When you convert YouTube music into an MP3, you get the best sound quality, as you wanted it. Most converters enable you to choose the best sound quality, with the highest quality going up to 320 kbps at 16 bit. With the MP3 downloads, you will get the original MP3 quality, as the owner uploaded it. The quality conversions enable you to listen to your favorite quality audios as you continue doing your daily duties.

3. It Improves load speed

YouTube videos will require a huge space to load into your player. This huge space requirement also slows down the loading speed, making you wait longer to have your music or other files play. Most video bandwidths are twice or thrice than that of an mp3 file. When you convert the YouTube video into an mp3, you reduce the file bandwidth, making loading easier and fast. The faster loading enables you to listen to your files consecutively and easier. Also, most players, including car stereos, do not play video files. Converting your favorite YouTube songs into mp3 enables you to listen to the songs anywhere and at any time, even when you don’t have an internet connection. With the fast loading speeds, you can easily skip, rewind or forward a song without waiting for it to load in your player.

4. It makes your files more portable

What makes an mp3 file more portable than a YouTube video file? When you download a video file, you will require large storage spaces to store and move the videos from one player to another. This situation will mean that you might be forced to get an internal hard disk instead of having a smaller flash disk. Despite this, listening to video files requires a huge player with a screen to view what you are listening to. This case is different with mp3 files. When you convert the files, you can store them in smaller storage devices and listen to them on portable devices, including mobile radios and car stereos. After converting the videos into mp3, most people store them in their smartphones mp3 players. They then listen to the audios when working out, walking, running, or performing other daily duties. You can’t work out, walk or run watching a music video.

5. Enables audio extraction

At times, you only hear some soundtracks in films or music videos, but you can’t get them offline. You might want to get the soundtracks or the music so that you can listen to it at your comfortable time. With a YouTube to mp3, you can easily extract this sound and store it in your devices, where you can play the audio anytime you need it. You can also use the audio in other ways, including coming up with your video or doing a remix of a song, etc. YouTube to mp3 converters enables you to get pieces you can’t find offline easily.

There are many reasons and benefits of having YouTube to Mp3 downloaders to convert your favorite files. You only need to find the best conversion software and download it to your device for easier conversions. It would be best to choose a converter that will give you the best mp3 audio quality.

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