It’s an amazing feeling when you are able to move into your own apartment and design it exactly the way you want. Living in a small apartment comes with a lot of perks; they are easy to furnish, clean, and maintain. The key to enjoying your small apartment space as much as possible is to design it practically that allows you to make the most of the space you have. Here are some clever space-saving ideas to help you keep your small apartment organized and practical.

1. Hidden Storage

One of the best ways to save yourself some space in your small apartment is by making space for hidden storage. You can do this by creating spaces within space, like getting storage boxes and placing them under your bed where they can be hidden by your bedding. You can also place storage boxes under any high tables you have or within your closet if you have enough space. This way, you will store all your belongings safely without wasting any space or making your apartment look crammed.

2. Small Appliances

Essential electric appliances can take up a lot of space in your apartment, which can be a challenge for those who live in a small space. To overcome the space issue and still manage to invest in all the appliances you need, consider buying smaller versions of the appliances. Instead of getting a huge freezer, get a mini freezer or a fridge where you can still safely store all your fresh food without using up too much space. You can do the same with your stove and washing machine, and you will always find smaller versions of them that give you efficient results and save you space.

3. Multipurpose Furniture

When you are furnishing your small apartment and trying to save yourself some space, consider investing in multipurpose furniture – things like beds with drawers or desks that have open display boxes where you can place some of your souvenirs, or precious artwork can come in handy. Multipurpose furniture will also make your small apartment look quite modern and unique, especially if you choose colorful elements that reflect your character and personal preferences.

4. Optimizing Vertical Space

If the horizontal space you have in your apartment is too small, then consider optimizing your vertical space a little more. You can invest in tall furniture pieces like bookshelves, or hanging lamps that do not take up any space on the ground yet can still give you an extra element of beauty. If you can renovate your walls and build storage inside the walls themselves, it can also come in quite handy and practical.

5. Clothing Racks

Many people struggle with finding enough space to store all their clothes, especially if they are busy bees who like to have most of their clothing items on display for practicality. If this is the case for you, then investing in a clothing rack will save you space as you wouldn’t have to get a huge wardrobe to keep your clothes neatly displayed in one place. You can also move the clothing rack wherever you need it without a hassle.

6. Sliding Doors

Those who live in small apartments may not always realize how much space their doors actually take. For a more space-saving environment, replace your traditional doors with sliding ones that simply open into the walls without wasting any space. This will give you a chance to place accessorizing items or storage boxes behind the door without having to worry about doors being stuck.

7. Create Zones

Regardless of how small your apartment may be, creating smaller zones within the space you have will make the space look and feel bigger than it really is. The zones you create can be separated by carpets or wall dividers that simply add beauty and elegance to the space you have as well as maximize practicality. Creating zones can also increase the privacy needed in certain areas, especially if you want to have people over in one room while ensuring the other rooms in the apartment are kept private.

Having a small apartment can be incredibly rewarding. Small apartments or studios can be cozy and easily maintained, which is a perfect fit for busy bees who live on their own or with one other person. The key to making the most of the small space is keeping it organized by investing in smart storage solutions and creating spaces in a unique way that makes your place look modern and chic. Make sure you do some research to get inspired by different designs and get the best options for your apartment.

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