Few things in life are more painful than watching a loved one suffer. It’s easy to feel powerless in such situations and to experience emotional pain. When parents watch their children battle with disease or pass away at a young age, they often wish it had happened to them instead.

Sometimes family members become injured or experience wrongful death because of the negligence of another. Perhaps someone you love has suffered at the hands of a third party. We will now discuss six ways to help you gain justice for yourself and your family.

1. Bring A Lawyer On Board

Oakland is the largest city in California, USA. In 2019 66 people were involved in fatal accidents. They included 46 vehicles, 7 drunken drivers, and 11 pedestrians. When people look online for an Oakland injury attorney they want to see examples of successful cases and to read client reviews. Folk wants to employ experienced professionals who can handle insurance companies and assist with getting medical care provision.

Most attorney websites let you know their area of specialism and there’s often the opportunity to request a free initial consultation. With the help of the right lawyer, families of accident victims are more likely to gain justice and receive a fair financial payout.

2. Collect All The Accident Evidence

It may be that you attended the accident scene soon after the incident occurred. Whilst the victim would be more concerned over their health and receiving a medical check-up, you would be free to take photographs. If it was a road crash you should take photos of your loved one’s injuries and all the vehicles involved. Take pictures of the surrounding environment too, as such things as road conditions may also be relevant to the claim.

Make sure the other parties involved have supplied all their contact details, together with copies of their driving license and insurance documents. Be sure the person responsible owns the car they were driving. Also, gain the contact details of anyone who observed the accident, so they can provide witness statements. If the Police were required to attend the accident site, be sure to take their details so your lawyer can request a copy of their report.

3. Collate The Financial Paperwork

When your loved one’s medical reports are produced by their doctor (and a consultant if applicable) be sure to forward them to the attorney. Collect all the invoices; be they for tests, surgery, physical or emotional therapy or prescription medication.

When a loved one is unable to work following an injury, they should provide proof of loss of earnings. Such things as car repair bills should be collected where applicable as well.

4. Let The Attorney Lead

It’s understandable that you may be angry about what has happened, and be eager for an early and fair resolution. It’s crucial that you trust your lawyer at each step of the journey, however. Whilst this may be a new scenario for you, they will probably be very familiar with such situations. This is exactly why you need them, as professionals, to assess the police report. You can never be too sure if you are by yourself.

The attorney can use their experience to decide whether an accident reconstruction would be beneficial and whether other professionals should be asked for their assessment. Your lawyer will be reluctant to set a compensation figure until your family member has received a full medical diagnosis. They’ll also know how to factor in future costs such as further medical bills, house modification following disability, or the financial impact of not being able to work again.

5. Don’t Speak To The Other Party’s Insurance Company

If they request an accident statement from your loved one (or you as a witness) let your lawyer be the contact point in all such communication. They can protect you from the insurance company trying to trip you up and seeking a different account of what occurred.

The insurance company will try and avoid paying out if they possibly can or to offer a reduced compensation payment. Let the attorney decide what to accept or reject in this situation.

6. Be Wise

The moment an accident has occurred it’s important to not physically retaliate. Establish what has happened but don’t apportion the blame.

Be sure you all stay off social media when it comes to discussing the accident. Should there be an account discrepancy the insurance company could use it as evidence.

Whilst the legal journey can become emotionally charged, it’s important to stay calm and be patient. With the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer, the best outcome will hopefully be gained for the accident victim and your family.

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