Chevy Chase, MD (May 25, 2021) – Former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler officially announced his candidacy today for Governor, stating that his blend of progressive values, bold vision, and executive leadership experience make him uniquely qualified to address Maryland’s fiscal, economic and social challenges.  

“I’m running for Governor because the big challenges facing us require someone with the experience to get the job done and the ability to deliver on the bold vision we share as progressive Democrats.  Why do I think I can do it? Because I’m the only candidate who has done it before.” said Gansler.

Gansler served as Maryland’s Attorney General from 2007-15 and, prior to that, served two terms as Montgomery County State’s Attorney.  As Attorney General, he earned national acclaim for his work to improve Maryland’s air quality by reducing industrial pollution, protect the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries from corporate polluters, and safeguard Marylanders from the environmental and economic consequences of fracking.

Gansler was an early leader in the fight to prevent gang-related violence and, in his first year as Attorney General, led the successful effort to pass the Maryland Gang Prosecution Act of 2007.  He was a national leader for civil rights and social justice – from being the first statewide official to advocate publicly for marriage equality, to protecting voter rights and cracking down on voter suppression.  Gansler advocated for marriage equality before any other statewide official; and delivered over a billion dollars to Marylanders who were victimized by fraudulent mortgage lenders.

Gansler’s announcement was accompanied by a video which focuses on four major policies:

?      Providing affordable childcare for every Maryland family;

?      Making Maryland the national leader in the fight against climate change with a commitment to 100 percent clean energy;

?      Implementing universal pre-kindergarten to close opportunity gaps;

?      Legalizing and taxing cannabis to pay for Maryland’s urgent priorities.

“Being out of office – being able to spend more time talking to people and really hearing what is going on in their lives – has enabled me to be more thoughtful about what Marylanders need right now—and how to get it done,” said Gansler. “These are challenging times, but we have an incredible opportunity to shape a better future for our children, families, and our state. We just don’t have a moment to waste.”

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